5 Exciting Sci-Fi Games on Mobile


Mobile gamers who are fans of the sci-fi industry may think they’re limited to Space Shooter style clones, but that is entirely untrue. While mobile may be full of casual titles, there are some real sci-fi gems once you dig below the surface. In this article, we’re going to show 5 exciting sci-fi games on mobile that you can play on Android or iOS.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

5 Exciting Sci-Fi Games on MobileDespite originally coming out nearly 11 years ago, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD has gone through several content-rich updates over the years; it is still one of the best sci-fi games available for mobile devices. One could still consider the HD graphics cutting-edge today, and the gameplay is incredibly in-depth.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD features a humongous galaxy to explore with over 30 star systems and more than 100 planets to visit. It also offers 50+ spaceships that you are able to customize with hundreds of weapon systems and power-up combinations.

While a Steam version also exists for Windows and Mac computers, the mobile version is definitely better. The DLC exclusive to mobile platforms enhances the gameplay beyond what the desktop version currently offers.

Kaiju Slot

A futuristic 5-reel video slot game with highly polished graphics. Kaiju is more than just a typical slot game. It offers a deeper storyline; cool gameplay mechanics include a Vertical Laser feature that unlocks additional win lines for higher coin payouts.

There are a lot of generous bonuses in Kaiju Slot; the RTP is around 96.3%, and there are 7776 ways to win. You can check out Kaiju Slot at an online casino in Canada.

Star Wars: Commander

If you imagine the base-building gameplay of Clash of Clans but with a Star Wars makeover, then you can pretty accurately imagine Star Wars: Commander. This is a strategy game. Your goal is to expand your base by building turrets, walls, and various buildings so as to best prepare against sudden attacks.

You have the choice of playing on either the Empire or Rebel side. There are different planets to build your base on. The intro tutorial is easy to follow and gives you a good explanation of the game mechanics. While there is certainly grinding and waiting involved, you do accumulate a fair amount of coins and construction materials throughout gameplay.


5 Exciting Sci-Fi Games on MobileIf immersive sci-fi roleplay is something you’ve been searching for, you may want to check out Starmourn. The majority of Starmourn is entirely text-based. The exceptions are a cool ASCII-based map to represent space exploration, and nicely-designed GUI button elements. What the game lacks in graphics, it makes up for in an intensely devoted roleplaying community. Players strongly discourage talking about real-life subjects in the game’s public channels.

Aside from the stellar roleplaying environment, Starmourn offers five character classes; deep PvP combat (including hand-to-hand and starship combat); and an active development staff that runs real-time roleplaying events, which can sort of feel like taking part in sci-fi themed D&D campaigns.

MARVEL Contest of Champions

Another older game that wasn’t very favorably received upon release, Marvel Contest of Champions has gone through numerous updates over the years that have made it a rather competitive fighting game in 2020.

The gameplay is that of a fighting game similar to Mortal Kombat, while the storyline is based on the three-issue comic book series Contest of Champions. There are currently 176 playable characters from the Marvel universe. Each character is assigned to a specific class depending on their power types (Cosmic, Mystic, Science, etc).

As you complete quests and defeat enemies, you’ll be able to upgrade your heroes and unlock new ones, and the PvP fights are in real-time with different button combinations for character moves, like most arcade-fighting games.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is basically a first-person mobile clone of the popular Dead Space survival-horror series, but it’s actually really well done. While it heavily borrows the Dead Space atmosphere of derelict, claustrophobic space stations crawling with mutant creatures, the quality of graphics and gameplay are almost console-like. Nvidia Shield owners get special treatment with HDR, depth of field, and enhanced quality textures, and other special effects.

The controls are fully customizable with gamepad support, and the game also supports VR. The campaign provides hours of gameplay. There’s a lot of replay value with three different characters, hundreds of body-implant upgrades, and over 40 customizable weapons.

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