5 Reasons Why PCs Will Always Surpass Consoles


Video game enthusiasts have been divided on this topic for nearly as long as video games have been around. Each side has their own arguments that they repeat, and the discourse continues. But any honest debater will recognize that PC gaming will always give the best performance and show off the most impressive technology available.

Here are five reasons why state-of-the-art gaming computers will always be light years ahead of the latest consoles.

PC Hardware Is Replaceable

If you’re a techie, you’ll know how to do simple computer repairs on your PC. If your graphics card or hard drive dies, replacing it is as simple as purchasing a new part and slipping it into place. But when a component on your Xbox or PlayStation dies, there isn’t really any way to fix it.

PCs Don’t Have Space Limitations

5 Reasons Why PCs Will Always Surpass Consoles
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When it’s time to upgrade or put together a new PC, you can pick out nearly any piece of hardware you want. Just purchase a large case, and you’ll be able to fit even the largest CPU cooler into your rig. This makes it so you can fit faster hardware into your computer. When you don’t have to worry about cramming lots of components into a tight space, you’ll be able to build a machine that can run faster and more efficiently.

PCs Support More Customization

Along with the lack of space limitations, PCs can be customized to fit your needs. You can even lookup the benchmarks for the specific game you want to play ahead of time. If it has good multi-threading support, you can take advantage of a chip with lots of cores. But if your game takes a lot of memory, you’ll be able to upgrade with a new RAM stick or two. This is impossible with a console because you can’t replace or modify the hardware in any way. Personal computers are able to perform better than consoles because you can build a PC to fit your specific needs.

PC Hardware Is Driven by Multiple Markets

Computers aren’t just used for gaming. They’re also used for things like programming and graphic design. Hardware producers know this, so they have even more incentive to produce hardware that works on a PC. When they make a new graphics card, they can sell it to PC enthusiasts who love to play games, but they can also sell it to animators and artists. This means that they can reach a bigger market by producing a graphics card for PCs. This doesn’t apply to consoles because these pieces of hardware can’t really be used for anything other than video games. The market for console hardware is much smaller.

New Hardware Starts With the PC

5 Reasons Why PCs Will Always Surpass Consoles
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Because personal computers are so versatile, they often serve as the starting point for new hardware. If it doesn’t work on a PC first, it usually doesn’t make its way into a console. Personal computers are the bedrock for the development of new technology, so new hardware is developed by and for personal computers. Effectively, consoles are just pre-built and mass-produced personal computers. If you’re just looking for an affordable option that you won’t have to fiddle with, consoles might be superior, but personal computers will always offer the best performance, and they will always show off the newest and most impressive technology on the market.

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