5 Spooky Comics that Will Give You Chills!

Halloween is a time for scares, chills, and bumps in the night! No other medium has more of these than comic books! So we have picked five spooky comics that any comics fan can enjoy.

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5 Spooky Comics to Fill Your Halloween

  1. Marvel Zombies – The master of Zombies himself, Robert Kirkman, brings us the story we all want the Marvel Cinematic universe to tell, but probably won’t happen. Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, and all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains have been infected! This could have been just another novelty mini-series, yet Kirkman crafts a compelling narrative with gorgeous art by Sean Phillips. Besides, who does not want to see super-powered zombies versus Galactus? You may never see an MCU movie the same again!
  2. Batman: The Long Halloween – Generally, when you ask for the greatest Batman stories of all time, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s trilogy is always referenced. While not exclusively a Halloween story, a large majority of the DC rogues gallery haunt Gotham City in the midst of a serial-killing spree. Will Batman be able to stop the mysterious killer, Holiday, before he strikes again? Or will the city be thrust into an eternal nightmare? Find out this Halloween!
  3. Hellboy: Seeds of Destruction – Unless you’ve been living under brimstone, you already know that Mike Mignola’s Hellboy is getting a reboot movie in the near future. That makes this the perfect time to pick up the first volume that started it all: Seeds of Destruction. X-Men and Fantastic Four legend John Bryne provided a script and Mignola went to town, drawing one of the most visually appealing horror comics of the 90s. This book holds up on its own, even without nostalgia glasses. Try watching the movie right after reading for a great Halloween evening!
  4. Shadowman – The fifth series of the Valiant reboot, Shadowman was the first to journey into the Deadside. Everything that happens in this book affects the universe as a whole, but dang, if it isn’t the most fun horror comic I’ve ever read! Jack Boniface is in danger, he just doesn’t know it yet. When the demonic Mr. Twist attacks New Orleans, the Abettors must find the heir of the Shadowman Loa before the rift between the dead and living is opened forever. Valiant’s most loathed villain, Master Darque, is introduced to the masses in a beautiful two-page spread every comics fan should see. Valiant is known for publishing some of the best comics the industry has to offer and this book will show you why.
  5. Ghost Rider: Marvel Spotlight #5 – Halloween is not complete without Ghost Rider! Marvel’s Spirit of Vengeance has had his ups and downs over the years, but you can’t go wrong with his first appearance. Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich take down a surprisingly dark origin of Johnny Blaze’s alter ego. The art is fantastic with lovely colors that we’ve come to love from 70s comics. If you want a classic story of vengeance, this is the comic you should read!

Did we miss a favorite? Let us know your favorite spooky Halloween reads in the comments below!

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