5 Superheroes You Want and 5 You Do Not Want at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner with superheroes


Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is coming up very soon. Some people look forward to friends and family coming together to feast around the dinner table. Some people dread it with a passion. I guess it all depends on who you have around you. So, here is a short list of 5 superheroes you want at your Thanksgiving dinner, and 5 that you should just forget their invitations.

5 Superheroes You Want to Invite

Superhero Thanksgiving yes
I don’t know, some of these guys look a little rough!
  • Superman – Look, you are going to want the big blue boy scout at your Thanksgiving. He is not going to start any arguments; he is going to be “super” respectful. Superman is going to make cleanup a breeze and you know he learned some killer recipes from Ma Kent on the farm!
  • Captain America – Another big blue boy scout you are going to want at Thanksgiving. Steve Rogers is going to please everyone at Thanksgiving with tales of WWII adventures, being frozen in time and leading the Avengers. He will teach strong moral lessons to the kids and he will have something in common with some of the older folks. Cap will help serve all the food with his perfect serving-dish shield!
  • Shuri – Look, there are going to be teenagers at Thanksgiving, so you are going to need someone that can relate and talk to them. You also want a tech wizard at Thanksgiving. What if the Wi-Fi goes out? Everyone will freak! Luckily you invited Shuri and she traveled all the way from Wakanda. She will dazzle everyone with tech we never heard of and I bet she brings a dish that somehow involves edible vibranium!
  • Nightwing – You are going to want a guest to just dazzle everyone and fall in love with. Dick Grayson is that guest. He probably won’t bring any special dish, but he will sweep everyone off their feet with his dazzling good looks and charm!
  • Green Lantern – So, you have to be specific when you say Green Lantern, as most will not be a good mix at Thanksgiving; they are not the most respectful bunch. That is why you invite John Stewart to the gathering. The always noble and in charge Lantern will be nothing more than a delight at the table. Plus with a ring that can construct anything, if you need extra tables or chairs John Stewart has your back.

5 You Want to Leave Out of Thanksgiving

Superhero Thanksgiving nope
Are you sure? Rocket would probably take home the leftovers!
  • Batman – Batman is not going to bring a dish. He is going to be brooding the whole time, wishing he was fighting crime. Batman is not a good conversation starter and he is just going to make everyone feel awkward; just say you forgot to invite him. He will know you are lying but he also won’t care because he didn’t want to come anyway.
  • The Fantastic Four – I know it might be great to have Sue, Reed, Johnny, Ben with Val and Franklin tagging along, but they are also going to want to bring the entire Future Foundation! That is a lot of mouths to feed. Plus you aren’t going to want to deal with all that family squabbling. It would be bad enough with Johnny and the Thing, but add in all those kids, yikes! You have to deal with your own family fights; no reason to bring in more!
  • Rocket Raccoon – Number one, he is a trash panda—come on, you don’t want that at Thanksgiving! Next, he is not going to be good around the kids. You don’t want your young ones learning life lessons from him. He is also not going to bring any kind of dish or help clean up. Also, you are going to have to watch the “good china” because we all know how he likes to steal!
  • Green Arrow – One sure way to start up an argument is to start talking politics around everyone at Thanksgiving, and besides shooting arrows, that is what Oliver Queen does. Whether you agree or disagree with him, he is going to get somebody riled up. Sure, it might be fun to watch for a while, but it will get old fast and ruin everybody’s dinner. Oliver has a good heart but there is a time and a place for everything!
  • Any Speedsters – Anybody with super speed is going to be a super problem at Thanksgiving: you are never going to have enough food to quench that super metabolism! Sure they could run out and get more. But, they are definitely going to eat all the good homemade dishes first and once those are gone they ain’t coming back. Superman is going to be respectful and not eat all the food even though he can. The other speedsters are a little harder to vouch for, so best just leave them at home.


That is a short list of superheroes I would invite or not to Thanksgiving dinner. Do you think it is a smart list? Would you add or take anyone away from the list? Or do you have a list of your own? I for one love all the food and family at Thanksgiving; what about you? Let us know in the comments below.

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