5 Trades the Redskins Need to Make This Season


5 Trades the Redskins Need to Make This Season
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Redskins need new blood if they want to scrape themselves off the bottom of the NFC

Currently, the Washington Redskins are very much the cellar-dwellers of the NFC, sitting on a 2-9 record. They recently had the dubious honor of becoming the second team in 25 years to cover a spread without scoring a single point. The recent firing of their head coach and the replacement of their quarterback has hardly helped settle the team.

At this point, ending the season at the top of the NFC is a pipe dream. Oddschecker gives them a minimum of 500/1 odds in the race to find out who is most likely to win the NFC. The Redskins’ win over the ailing Dolphins did add some wind to their sails; but the reality is that this single victory was hardly a pivot into a Redskins resurgence.

The team itself is a little unbalanced. This is mostly due to the issues around disgruntled star Trent Williams and how his refusal to play has affected their tackle position. They also have a lot of depth in some sections of the team that could be traded away, particularly in the quarterback position.

There are at least 5 solid trades the Redskins could make to bring in new blood and potentially salvage something from this season. In this article, we’ll be breaking down those potential trades and examining them.

Trent Williams

There is no doubt that Trent Williams is one of the best left tackles in the NFL. But that only counts if he is actually playing for the team. The reality is that Trent Williams does not want to play for the Redskins anymore, having apparently vowed to never play for the team again; but, as much as this upsets the fans, there is always a silver lining.

Big-name teams like the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots are already asking about trading for Williams and sending him their way. This could see the Redskins net a healthy package of draft picks in return. Despite all his talent, Williams is essentially useless if he refuses to play. Holding onto him prevents the Redskins from taking advantage of the assets and draft picks they could gain access to if they traded him away.

One of the more obvious potential trades for Williams would be to the Texans; their QB, Deshaun Watson, has been sacked a league-high 62 times during 2018. There is no doubt that the Texans and Watson would benefit from the potential Williams could provide. His importance to them could see the Redskins getting a first-round draft pick in return—and maybe a little more.

The problem with this is that Washington team president, Bruce Allen, has repeatedly indicated that he has no plans to move Williams on, and that there has been no communication between the Redskins and any other team on that matter. This seems crazy, in light of the fact that Williams clearly has no interest in playing for the team anymore.

Case Keenum

Players don’t win any games from the bench, and the quarterback room at the Redskins is getting a little crowded.

Keenum is a veteran shot-caller with a great record who would make a fantastic get for teams like the Kansas City Chiefs; they are in the unenviable position of needing someone to fill in for an injured QB starter.

The same could be said of the Indianapolis Colts after the retirement of Andrew Luck and the fact that Chad Kelly will be missing the first few games of the season because of a suspension.

Currently, Case Keenum is slated to start the season for the Redskins. This means that it would take quite a turnaround for the team to decide to trade him. But, given their current woes, it’s far from impossible if they were presented with the right deal.

5 Trades the Redskins Need to Make This Season
Despite Trent Williams’ obvious talent, his dispute with the team and apparent vow to never play for the Redskins again makes it imperative that the team trade him away for other, more useable, assets

Ryan Kerrigan

Ryan Kerrigan is still basically at the top of his game as one of the best pass-rushers in the NFL. He’s up there with Trent Williams in terms of sheer trade value. While his passion and determination would be missed, along with his unique celebrations, Montez Sweat looks to have a bright future at the Redskins, and trading Kerrigan could allow the team to fill in some other gaps.

Matt Ioannidis

Matt Ioannidis has done sterling work this season and has remained one of the best pass-rushers in the Washington team. Ioannidis would make a temping deal for just about any team. He’s just twenty-five years old and has 3 years left on his contract with the Redskins. And the more the Redskins keep hold of him, the less they’ll get in that eventual trade.  

Colt McCoy

Much like Keenum, Colt McCoy is in a position where he’s a QB on a team with too many QBs. He needs to go. McCoy’s battle with his serious leg injury means that he probably won’t pull in too much in trade on his own. But as part of a larger package deal, he could make a very valuable chip.

The counterpoint to this is that the Indianapolis Colts are currently without much depth in the quarterback room since the surprise retirement of Andrew Luck. The cost of Luck’s many injuries represents a cautionary tale that the Texans should be paying attention to. It also means that the Colts are on the lookout for a veteran QB. McCoy could very well be a player they would be interested in.

Adrian Peterson

At 34, Adrian Peterson is getting toward retirement age. The fact that he is a running back at a time when the NFL is treating running backs as entirely disposable means that, like Colt McCoy, he is going to struggle to pull in trade offers on his own. However, also like Colt McCoy, he could represent a valuable part of a package trade deal that would inject some new life into the Redskins.

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