5 Widely-Accepted Avengers 4 Theories

Avengers 4 fan theories


Avengers 4 Accepted Theories

About 4 months ago Avengers: Infinity War left people stunned in their seats. Since then fans have come up with a hodgepodge of theories, ranging from plausible—like maybe Bucky takes over for Captain America—to ridiculous—like the Reality Stone merging the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars Universe. (Which, yes, would be amazing, but odds are not in our favor.) So check out, below, 5 commonly accepted Avengers 4 theories.

Gamora Isn’t Dead

Avengers 4 fan theories

Theories abound about Gamora, the general consensus being that Gamora is not dead. If you think about it, her death is pretty singular in its nature. While the majority of deaths in Infinity War can be attributed the great dusting, Gamora was one of the few to die (literally) by Thanos’s hand. Can you remember it? The two of them were standing on that mountain in Vormir, ready to collect the Soul Stone. Soul Stone is like “Thanos, sacrifice something you love” and Gamora is like “Ha, Thanos doesn’t love anything” and then Thanos is like “Wrong.” I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that’s the gist before Thanos throws her to her death. So instead of being thought fully “dead,” Heimdall dead, it is believed Gamora is trapped in the Soul Stone, waiting to be released to put a stop to the Mad Titan, and also appear in the next Guardians movie.

Time Travel Shenanigans

Avengers 4 fan theories
The Eye of Agamotto, AKA the Time Stone

A lot of speculation is that the next Avengers movie will feature time travel. This can be brought about with the use of the Time Stone or Ant-Man’s Quantum Realm. The former seems the most plausible but the latter would be more fun. The use of the Time Stone to rewrite the events of Infinity War can be done if another hero takes control and uses it the same way as Dr. Strange. In the comics, even Tony Stark was Sorcerer Supreme at one point.

The more fun option, at least in my opinion, would be making use of the Quantum Realm, the tiny universe that Ant-Man shrinks into. A universe that is known to contain time-vortexes. Time-vortexes that Scott Lang can slip through meeting up with our heroes at various points in their career, similar to a flashback episode at the end of a TV series.

Kickoff to Secret Invasion

avengers 4 fan theories
Skrull concept art for Captain Marvel

This theory, while pretty accepted, has me worried, because it takes into account information from a movie that has yet to be released. But based on info from Captain Marvel, we know that Skrulls that will play a part. Skrulls are a green, shape-shifting, alien-race at continuous war with the Kree. In the Secret Invasion storyline, the Skrulls send undercover operatives to Earth impersonating heroes. With how the events in the MCU are playing out, if heroes do return from the dusting it would be a perfect time for a Skrull infiltration. And from a studio standpoint, the next reveal after killing off your heroes would be to reset them, saying they were not your heroes at all.

Shuri Recreates Vision

Avengers 4 fan theories
Black Panther – Shuri

Shuri is quite possibly the smartest person on Earth now. The end of Infinity War left Shuri’s fate up in the air. Tasked with creating a new neural network for Vision, the last we see of her is when an explosion knocks her off screen. We never see a death, and we never see her get dusted. It is safe to assume she is still alive. But did she finish her project? Theories point to yes. One: because we don’t explicitly see her die; two: because it would be useful to have Vision on the fighting-Thanos team; and three: with vibranium and Shuri you can accomplish anything.

No More Steve

Avengers 4 fan theories
Cap is leaving us?!

A heartbreaking theory but easily possible is that Avengers 4 will see the last of Captain America. Even if we do lose Steve, there is Bucky to pick up the mantle, but it would still be a sorrowful parting. Steve will most likely meet his end; as he is the first Avenger it makes sense he would be the first to say goodbye. A man out of time who finally ran out of it. What adds fuel to the fire is that the cast is already saying goodbye. Chris Evans, the actor portraying the star-spangled crusader, has posted a heartfelt goodbye to the character on Twitter. With Evans not renewing his contract to play the role, we can only hope that with Avengers 4 he receives a hero’s send-off.

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