8 Cool But Geeky Things You Can Do With Modern Tech Devices


8 Cool But Geeky Things You Can Do With Modern Tech Devices

Computers, video games, and other tech devices are now a part of the mainstream. However, you can still unleash your inner geek in style. Here are eight great ways to make it happen. While you might not use them all, the ones you do will leave you smiling.

8 Cool But Geeky Things You Can Do With Modern Tech Devices
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Watch Live Sport Through VR   

The days of watching live sports at the bar are long gone while the $100 ticket probably puts you off visiting the arena. So, why not do the next best thing by using VR to transform your home into a stadium? You get all the excitement of being at the venue while still sitting on a comfy chair and relaxing with a drink and some snacks. Perfect.  

Find Out If Thanos Killed You   

Action movies based around fantasy and superheroes are now among the biggest franchises on the planet. The cinemas are packed with fans at each screening. Still, the majority of viewers end their interaction with the film when they leave the cinema. However, you can find out whether Thanos killed you in Infinity War, and complete similar tasks. Do it. You know you want to.  

Sing Alongside Your Favorite Artist   

Whether you’re a great singer or not, you probably sing along to your favorite tunes every single day. Apps like Smule allow you to sing live with another user or alongside a pre-recording of an artist. It has been known for professional singers to use the App to surprise fans too, which is very geeky but also very cool.   

Win Money From Gaming

If you love all things gaming and home entertainment, you’ll already know about eSports. Still, you don’t need to be a professional that plays the big tournaments to win big. There are platforms that facilitate fair betting between players sitting in their own homes. Quite frankly, there’s no better way to inject a sense of fresh fun into gaming.

8 Cool But Geeky Things You Can Do With Modern Tech Devices
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Win Money From Fan Fiction   

True fans of fantasy and sci-fi know all about fan fiction. The internet gives people a platform to share their work. But there are also various writing competitions that you can enter with a chance to win cash prizes or have works seen by professionals. Competitions can be focused solely on fantasy and fiction, or can also extend to other subjects.   

Watch Your Favorite Streams Offline   

Millions of people are streaming online films and TV shows as we speak. What the majority do not realize, though, is that it is possible to watch Netflix offline. This cool trick can completely transform flights, train journeys, and moments where you are without the internet. In turn, it will enhance your watching experiences.   

Start Your Car   

Smart technologies can be used for a host of different things such as home security and setting the room temperature. However, it’s also possible to lock, unlock, or even start your car from a smartphone App. Don’t worry, though, it’s a secure service that doesn’t allow other users to unlock the vehicle from their cells.   

Create Different Vibrations & Tones

Setting a new ringtone or vibration setting can be a great way to differentiate your cell from every other iPhone on the market. You can also set unique tones for different callers. Whether it’s setting your spouse to the Death March or setting a new tone for work, these downloads are great. Personalizing your cellphone has never been better.

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