8 Valentine’s Day Episodes to Enjoy This Year

Snuggle Up This Valentine’s Day With These Shows

Ah, the day of romance. No matter how you’re spending this Valentine’s Day, these shows can help you wind down as you celebrate yourself, or help warm the hearts of you and your sweetie. Here are eight Valentine’s Day episodes to celebrate love your way. 


Ally McBeal
Season 3, Episode 12 “In Search of Pygmies”

Valentine's Day episodes Feb. 2019
Ally McBeal

This hit ’90s show has a very sweet episode that shows all kinds of love. Ally (Calista Flockhart), a successful Boston lawyer, rear-ends a handsome stranger in order to win a date with him on Valentine’s Day. Oddly enough, it works. Meanwhile, another lawyer at the practice, Ling (Lucy Liu), volunteers at a nursing home. Her favorite resident, Marty, reveals during their Valentine’s dance that his active imagination and its effect on the other residents is getting him removed from the home. She helps him fight the nursing home in court. While Ally tries to get rid of the stranger, Dennis, because of his horrible laugh, Ling realizes Marty is not imagining the pygmies and dragons around the nursing home. He actually sees them.

Ally breaks up with Dennis because of his laugh. In revenge, he sues her and claims sudden neck injuries from the car accident. Ling talks to Marty about his options when things don’t go his way in court. While they’re walking, he sees the pygmies again and runs into traffic. A car hits him and he does not recover. 

That may sound sad, but the episode is actually rather heartwarming. The audience sees a tender side of Ling, who is usually pretty severe. Ally’s hardship just makes you laugh. It’s cute and sweet. The perfect Valentine’s show. You can stream all of Ally McBeal on Hulu. 

The Newsroom
Season 1, Episode 5 “Amen”

Valentine's Day
The Newsroom (HBO, 2012)

This show follows the lead anchor of the fictional Atlantis Cable News, Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels). In my opinion, this was the best show on television and this episode is particularly good. The journalists on the show are covering the ejection of the Egyptian president in February 2011. Elliot Hirsch (David Harbour), another anchor, goes out into Cairo, where he is attacked. Neal Sampat (Dev Patel) finds a stringer, Amen, to cover the story in Cairo instead. 

Mackenzie McHale (Emily Mortimer) finds out her boyfriend, who has been featured on the show, is running for Congress and using his relationship to get on the air. The gossip magazine, TMI, reports the situation, and the morning show covers it as well. When Mackenzie realizes what he’s done, she ends their relationship on Valentine’s Day. 

Maggie (Allison Pill) organizes a Valentine’s Day for Jim (John Gallagher Jr.) and her roommate, Lisa, so she and her own boyfriend can have a romantic day. Jim forgets and Lisa confronts him at work in a hilarious and awkward way.

Amen, whose real name is Khaled, pursues the story further in Egypt and they lose contact with him. He is taken captive, and they are asked for money to release him. Will personally pays the ransom. His employees re-create the jersey scene from his favorite movie, Rudy, by placing checks on his desk to pay him back. It’s a touching Valentine’s Day ending. You can stream all of The Newsroom on HBO Go and HBO Now. 

Into the Dark
Season 1, Episode 5 “Down”

Valentine's Day
Into the Dark: Down (Hulu, 2019)

This Hulu original was released on February 1st, as a bloody Valentine’s Day special. It starts like a suspicious romantic comedy. A man, Guy (Matt Lauria), and a woman, Jennifer (Natalie Martinez), are stuck in the elevator of their office building on Valentine’s Day weekend. They are sort of awkward at first, then begin to flirt, and tension builds. Naturally, they have sex. 

Afterward, the truth comes out. Guy reveals his obsession with Jennifer and that he lied about the elevator and his name. He organized the whole thing. It turns into a violent game of cat and mouse, and their lives are on the line. I won’t spoil who comes out on top. This is a great pick for people who enjoy horror on every holiday. “Down” and the rest of Into the Dark are available to stream on Hulu. 

Season 5, Episode 14 “My Bloody Valentine”

Valentine's Day
Supernatural (The CW, 2009)

This episode is a classic for this fan favorite. On Valentine’s Day, couples are suddenly killing each other in extremely violent ways. The first couple actually eats each other. The Winchesters investigate with the help of Cas (Misha Collins), thinking it’s a Cupid gone rogue. Turns out, it’s Famine, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. He’s causing everyone to hunger not only for food, but for sex, alcohol, money, and other vices.  

This episode, in true Supernatural fashion, contains fun banter as well as violence and drama. My favorite scene is when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are looking at the hearts of the victims, and Dean pushes his to Sam saying, “Be my Valentine?” Gross, but hilarious. This is another one for fans of the macabre side of the holidays. Ultimately, it’s about the love between Sam and Dean, as the episode ends with Dean’s tearful plea for help from Heaven. He needs help with Sam, who is losing himself to a craving for demon blood, and with the impending apocalypse. You can watch all the past seasons of Supernatural on Netflix. 


Bob’s Burgers
Season 8, Episode 8 “V for Valentine-detta”

Valentine's Day
Bob’s Burgers (Fox, 2018)

This show follows Bob Belcher, a small-town restaurant owner as his family. His daughter, Tina, is devastated on Valentine’s Day when she discovers her crush, Jimmy Jr., has asked another girl to be his Valentine. Her mom, Linda, is eager to help, so she and Bob abandon their original Valentine’s Day plans. Linda takes Tina and Louise, her youngest daughter, on a limousine ride on the town for a fun girl’s night. Bob takes their son Gene for trapeze training. 

The girls have the best part of the episode because their limo driver helps them have a blast before agreeing to help them ruin Jimmy Jr.’s date with this other girl. But, at the last second, Tina decides she doesn’t want to ruin the date because it wouldn’t be fair to the other girl. Turns out, Jimmy Jr. wanted to dump her. Instead of celebrating, Tina feels sorry for her, and invites her to ride in the limo with them and join their girl’s night. It’s super cute and empowering. It’s one of my favorite episodes of this show overall, and it’s sure to make you feel lucky for all the love in your life, especially your family. You can stream Bob’s Burgers on Hulu. 

Boy Meets World
Season 5, Episode 15 “First Girlfriends’ Club”

Valentine's Day
Boy Meets World (Disney, 1998)

Boy Meets World is another ’90s hit among young teenagers. In this episode, Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) and his best friend, Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), have big Valentine’s plans with their girlfriends, Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and Angela (Trina McGee-Davis), respectively. 

Things go awry when Topanga finds out Cory lied to her about kissing another girl. Shawn is detained by his ex-girlfriends who, all spurned by him, want to protect Angela from the hurt he put them through. The girls actually create a mock trial, where they present to him the things he said and did, and how it affected them. Because of this, he misses his date with Angela. 

Thankfully, Cory and Angela come to Shawn’s rescue, and Shawn realizes that he was wrong to make promises to the girls when he didn’t really feel that way. He tells Angela that because he cares about her and doesn’t want her to hurt the way he hurt the others, they should start off as friends. Topanga hears the speech Cory made about love to the girls, but is still unsure about her trust in him. Cory and Shawn’s brothers, Eric (Will Friedle) and Jack (Matthew Lawrence) take the girls hurt by Shawn out for a friendly night. For almost everyone in the group, it becomes a sweet Valentine’s Day. It will make you laugh and want to watch more. Boy Meets World is available on Hulu. 

Season 2, Episode 12 “Silly Love Songs”

Valentine's Day
Glee (Fox, 2011)

This show follows the escapades of a glee club in a Midwest high school. There’s a lot of drama. In this Valentine’s episode, Puck (Mark Salling) tries to win over Lauren Zizes (Ashley Fink). His first attempts to woo her are in vain and make her feel bad. He tried to serenade her with Queen’s “Fat Bottom Girls.” Santana (Naya Rivera), who used to date Puck, get jealous. 

Meanwhile, Finn (Cory Monteith) is trying to recover from his breakup with Rachel (Lea Michele). In honor of Valentine’s Day and his recent win on the football field, he sets up a kissing booth to raise money for the glee club to go to their next competition. He also wants to win back Quinn (Dianna Agron), but she is still with Sam (Chord Overstreet). Santana is also angry at Finn and Quinn, so she purposefully contracts mono before kissing Finn at his kissing booth. That way, if he and Quinn kiss in secret, they’ll be discovered. 

Kurt (Chris Colfer) is hopeful that Blaine (Darren Criss) will finally move from being his friend to being his boyfriend. Blaine announces that he is in love with someone, and Kurt thinks it’s him, but he is hurt to find out it’s another guy. Blaine enlists the Warblers’ (their school’s glee club) help to serenade the guy. Sadly, the other guy rejects Blaine. Kurt tells Blaine how he feels, and they agree to take it slow and see where it goes. 

The episode ends at Breadstix, the popular restaurant of the teens, on Valentine’s Day. The Warblers sing “Silly Love Songs” and raise everyone’s spirits, whether they’re heartbroken like Kurt and Rachel, or progressing with hope like Puck and Zizes. It’s a sweet, heartwarming episode that will make you feel great no matter what your own relationship status is. You can stream Glee on Netflix. 

Full House 
Season 8, Episode 17 “Dateless in San Francisco”

Valentine's Day
Full House (ABC 1987-1995)

This show is great for people who are feeling nostalgic this Valentine’s Day. It follows the Tanners, who all have their share of trouble for the big day. Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) gets her first boyfriend for the class Valentine’s dance. They progress in the most adorable way, trying to figure out what boyfriends and girlfriends actually do. 

Jesse (John Stamos) tricks his wife Becky (Lori Laughlin) into thinking he has no plans for their Valentine’s Day, while planning a very romantic date for Danny (Bob Saget). She worries they don’t have any more romance in their marriage. But he surprises her with a hot air balloon ride and picnic in a very sweet moment. 

Joey (Dave Coulier) has a secret admirer sending him loads of chocolates and flowers. As the PTA representative for Michelle’s class, he finds out that it’s her teacher, and they end up agreeing to go out together. It’s just a really cute episode that will get you feeling romantic. You can stream Full House on Hulu. 


No matter your style, you can find something to watch this Valentine’s Day. Get a good cry, scare, or laugh from any of these shows. Wishing you lots of love and a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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