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Review – TMNT Ongoing #76

The brothers think it is time to relax once they get back to Earth from Dimension X, but when the Triceratons arrive they have to spring back into action.


Review – TMNT #75

The trial of the century in Dimension X is finally set to end, but with the Malignoid swarm about to attack and a new change being appointed things are not...

5 Comics...

5 Comics Not To Miss This Week

The dedicated and hard-working comic fans here at Word of the Nerd have sorted through this week’s new releases to bring you in no particular order, five...


FCBD Review – TMNT

TMNT Free Comic Book Day 2017 edition offers up a great free comic to get new readers up to date on the series and offers exctiing teases on the new story arc...


Review – TMNT #69

The turtles and Old Hon have been trapped and need to escape the clutches of Agent Bishop and the EPF. Mondo Gecko uses his stealth tatics to steal some...


Review – TMNT Ongoing #68

The Mutanials are captured and Old Hob must seek help from his old enemies the TMNT brothers. While Agent Bishop and the Earth Protection Force that they may...


Review – TMNT Ongoing #67

TMNT #67 The turtles are officially on their own without Master Splinter and the Earth Protection Force is back and ready to take out the "mutant problem"


Comic Review – TMNT #65

In TMNT #65 Mikey decides to get his brothers in the Christmas spirit, with a "small" family Christmas party! What could go wrong! A very Turtle Christmas!


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