A Busy Geek’s Best Friend

This might come as a shock to all of you…but I have not been to the comic book shop since my daughter was born.

Trust me…it’s not for lack of wanting, because believe me…I want to go. There’s just something about being surrounded by geeks as I browse the plethora of shelves that just takes me to my special, happy place–not to be confused with the special euphoric bliss I felt when I went to my first Comic Con.

The simple fact of the matter is that between my staying home with the baby and my hubby working so very hard during the week, neither of us have the energy for anything other than grocery shopping when hubby’s days off come around. Don’t get me wrong…I always knew that a baby would keep me busy, but I never realized just how busy! Then there was the whole nightmare with my gall bladder (an incident which shall forever live in infamy) and the recovery period that followed, which really put me in a mood to not go anywhere.

As you can imagine, my comic book reading has severely suffered as a result of all that has happened over the course of the past nine months. The lack of visits to the comic book shop also led to our box being emptied and all of the accumulated comic books that had been put aside for us being put back onto the shelves. This would of course mean that hubby and I would have to start over and re-gather all the comics we were missing (not a difficult providing the shop had all the issues we needed, but a lengthy and sometimes daunting process should the shop be missing what we need).

ipad-2However, it seems that my iPad never ceases to impress and amaze me.

You might recall from one of my earlier posts, that I fell completely in love with my iPad2 after years of steadfastly declaring that I would never possess any kind of e-reading device. However, the fact that I’m able to get digital copies of comic books on my iPad via the plethora of handy-dandy apps just makes me love my device all the more. Now, I know that digital comic apps are hardly new news, but for someone who’s never really had a need for them until now (in truth, it was the piece of me still remaining from the me which was so against e-readers rearing her ugly head, and declaring that comics books were better in their physical form), they are a godsend! Does this mean that hubby and I are getting rid of our physical comic books?


Comixology is of course the mother of all these apps (especially since you need to have a comixology account in order to download the comics from a lot of the apps), but there are several other apps in the app store that are more specifically tailored to your needs. comixology

For example, say you only read DC comics, there’s an app specifically for that so you don’t have to sift through an endless array of comics in order to find the ones you’re looking for. There’s also an app for Marvel as well as for IDW. As if that wasn’t allowing you to get specific enough, IDW has apps that focus solely on their more popular comic book titles such as Doctor Who, Star Trek, Transformers, and my personal favorite…Teenage MUTANT Ninja Turtles. You’re not only able to buy the issues individually, but you’re also able to buy compilations as well.

Don’t have the money to spend on comics for a few weeks or even a few months because money is tight (as is the case with a lot of people right now)? No worries! The apps themselves are free, and there’s no comic store-imposed time limit in which you have to work in order to ensure the comics on your pull-list (and subsequently in your box) don’t get put back on the shelves for other customers. Because the digital copies of the comics don’t sell out and require reprinting due to high demand, you’re able to take your sweet time in purchasing issues of your favorite series. It’s the perfect tool for the busy geeks who have difficulty fitting going to the comic book shop into their busy schedule, and you don’t have to pay for any shipping or delivery charges like you would if you ordered the comic books over the Internet.

And that’s not even the best part!

If you wait a couple of weeks before buying up the latest issue, the price drops so you’re buying the comic at a discounted price. Instead of paying $3.99 plus tax at your local comic book shop, you’re only paying $1.99, or in the event of a special, 99 cents!

How amazing is that?!

Comixology and iPads are truly a busy geek’s best friends!

Have you hugged your nerd today?

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  • I use Comixology for most of my comics, its easier for me. Especially since I don’t have easy access to a comic shop up here in Buffalo.

    I usually just buy my digital comics at the DC site, but it’s basically Comixology anyways.

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