A Look at Some of the Best Strategy Games

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Strategy games are the games that teach you how to build up your town and run it like a King or Queen. Who wouldn’t want that?

Some might say that the best strategy game is StarCraft II and others might argue Civilization Vl. Still, today we’re going to view a full list of new sites here, to critique some of the latest most significant hits in the strategy game industry.

Strategy games can’t be pigeonholed. There are so many variations beneath the title “strategy game”, such as the many civilization games which require you to create and maintain your very own town, or the fantasy gameplay which is Total War and StarCraft.

But what are the best games for PC, you might ask? Choose your fighter and let’s find out.

In no particular order, the top strategy games have to be Off World Trading Company, Stellaris, and XCOM ll. You can’t forget Homeland: Deserts of Kharak and Total War: Warhammer ll, but today we’re going to focus on those top 3.

Off World Trading Company

Off World Trading Company is what it says it is. The game is based on our neighboring red planet Mars. It was created by Soren Johnson, collaborator for Civ lV.—more historical gameplay based on evolution. The game is a competition and aims to see how much wealth you can accumulate on the planet Mars.

This RTS cross-management game allows the player to find victories through manipulating the marketplace not only to increase your wealth but also to ruin the lives of your competitors. Your weapons are your resources and your cash, so sometimes the business side of things can get a little tense.

Alliances are broken in this game, but good advice is to keep your enemies close and your weapons closer.

Who knew business management and marketing could be so thrilling and intense? What are you going to sell? Who will buy your stock? Whose company will you take over? The adventure for an intrepid gamer is never-ending.

Royalty-free stock photo ID: 1146782939


Oh boy! This game will have you staring at the screen for hours as you fight off mutant uprisings, make discoveries that will make you and those around question their very existence, and of course, there are robots.

This game is all about you and the choices you make. It allows you to create and manipulate the gameplay; however, you please. Create your civilization; choose between an army, a robotic workforce, or even some intelligent lizards that would give anyone a run for their money. Farm and fight with your team of choice and create whatever species you desire.

This game is not only about your civilization but also about discovery and exploration. Explore the galaxy one wormhole at a time and get to grips with the intricate routes through interstellar travel. Play this in multiplayer with fellow alien friends.


XCOM 2 takes the cake, out of all the games in the series. The game’s designer selected all the highlights from the other games in the series and combined it into one perfect tactical game. From your battles with devious aliens to the mismatched group of heroes, this game just gets better and better as you play.

XCOM 2 game is all about a group of soldiers using guerilla tactics fighting together against the extreme alien regime. This game will force you to make life-threatening decisions and sacrifices that very few men will have ever made. But you must push through it all to become successful in this game. You cannot be soft if you want to conquer XCOM 2.

The strategy is critical in this game as you face your new enemy, Chosen, and travel the world hunting and infiltrating to increase your power and strength.

These three games are by far only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to strategy games, but they have proven themselves this year with their beautiful graphics, storyline, and variety.

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