A v X 12 Speculation: Jean Grey’s Returning?

Since 1976, when Jean Grey first discovered the Phoenix Entity, it has been a constant thorn in her side. Thanks to it, she has been killed, brought back to life, and killed again whenever the writers needed to inject some drama into the Marvel Universe. Having an omnipresent god like entity in the comic books tend to do that. All of that ended in 2005 when Wolverine killed Jean the last time. Since then, fans want to know at what point does she come back.

Thanks the recent teaser of the A v X 12 cover, there has been some speculation that Jean Grey could be returning to the Marvel Universe.

So, what is the Internet basing its speculation on? Well the woman in the teaser image has red hair. And that’s it. Jean Grey is the only redhead they know of that used to play host to the Phoenix, so it makes sense to have her come back.

My question is why Jean Grey? Why not Hope Summers? She is the Mutant Messiah and could contain the Phoenix Force. Why not Rachel Grey? She did play host to it in her alternate future timeline. Why not Wanda Maximoff? She does have powerful abilities and the Phoenix has gone after power on numerous occasions. The point being all three have a presence in A v X and are red-haired, and they make just as much sense as a returning Jean Grey.

In all honesty, I do not think that Jean Grey as Phoenix is coming back anytime soon. Her younger counterpart will make a trip to the future, but not the older one. The thing I know about Marvel is they would have hyped the hell out of this. They would do things to get the people who know about the character, but do not read comic books anymore. It barely gets a mention and a teaser image.

One way or another, the answer will be revealed in Avengers vs X-Men 12 on sale in October.

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  • Who told you Wanda has red hair? Her hair is brown. Hope is redhaired, same as Rachel. And Jean, of course. So it makes sense that some of them will be the Phoenix. Unfortunately not Jean, because Quesada just doesn’t want it. But not Wanda.

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