Aaron And Gillen Discuss Vader Down

Jsw1ason Aaron and Keiron Gillen, authors of the Star Wars and Darth Vader graphic novel series, have collaborated to create a six-issue crossover graphic novel entitled Vader Down, set for release this November. It is expected that this title will feature Darth Vader going up against the Rebel fleet. In an interview with,  Aaron and Gillen spoke about how they expect to roll out the story, partially as individual comics under the Star Wars or Darth Vader series banners, and then a final joint issue to complete the story. In it, they have allowed characters from the Star Wars universe to meet in order to create a memorable experience for their readers.

dv9When asked by if they plan on allowing forces from either side to meet, Aaron states “I think with this story you can expect that every pairing or meeting we can possibly do is going to happen. When Gillen first introduced a lot of those characters like Aphra and the murderous droids, my first thought was, “Wow, I can’t wait until Aphra meets Han Solo or until Kieron’s droids meet C-3PO and R2.” I think you can expect a lot of those different meetings.” Gillen stated “This is one of the most fun parts of it. We get to take all the characters we’ve developed in our first year on the [books], and let them interact. This has just been joyous stuff, real laugh-out-loud in delight writing.” Sounds like a good time!

I will admit that I am not the biggest Star Wars fan. My experience with Star Wars is limited. However, I do enjoy when the stories of two stand-alone novels merge, because the effect is usually amazing. And since I would sooner pick up a short series than a mega series or a DVD box set, this adaptation of the Star Wars story is a good someone like me, who gets more joy from print materials!

Their interview can be read here.

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