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ACBC: The Geek Fashion Show Comes to the East Coast!

This past weekend, fellow WotN writer Ari and I happily attended the first ever Geek Fashion Show to take place on the East Coast.  Geek Fashion Show is presented by Nerds Like Us, and organized by Lauren Bregman (Founder, Castle Corsetry) and Douggary Grant (Founder,

Now, before I get into the technical elements of this write-up, I just want to say that the Geek Fashion Show was an absolute delight.  I felt like Anna Wintour at Fashion Week.  Or like Alaska dressed as Anna Wintour on Drag Race.  Anyway.

The Geek Fashion Show was a body-positive, fun event for nerds, by nerds.  The music was a blend of nerd soundtrack remixes, which really added to the ambiance of the show.  I can totally see why these fashion shows have sold out the House of Blues on the West Coast, and I hope to see more of them out east!

Within reason, of course.  I’m sure it’s exhausting enough to manage the 4-5 fashion shows they do out west every year.

The show producer and founder of Nerds Like Us was kind enough to talk to me and Ari both before the show on Friday and after the show on Sunday.  A charming Caesar Flickman cosplayer, as well as the MC for the show, he placed the show’s emphasis first and foremost on diversity in nerd culture.  The show we saw at ACBC had nerd ladies of all sizes, races, and all levels of ability.  As he told us, “Nerd fashion is for everybody!”

He noted that brands like HerUniverse really opened the door for geek fashion for women, and that this is sort of a logical procession of that.  The three designers featured, Gold Bubble Clothing, Tejnin’s Creations, and Castle Corsetry, offered nerd fashion for all types of ladies.

Nerds Like Us works in part with Club Cosplay, who have hosted and organized Geek Fashion Shows in the past.  Club Cosplay seeks to create a club environment for people who may not usually go to nightclubs.  The cosplay events that they host have been extremely successful on the west coast, and this event really brought together what I think was the perfect combination of party and nerdery.

The first designer, Gold Bubble Clothing, offers stylish and affordable spandex fashions for the nerd lady that wants it all.  The styles range from leggings to dresses and tops.  My favorites, of course, were the clothes that featured images from the 1982 classic, The Last Unicorn, a film that seems oft-ignored by my fellow geek ladies.  Unicorn pride!


Ari and I spoke to model/cosplayer Valerie Perez, who was sporting a beautiful Wonder Woman cosplay when we saw her on Friday.  This is Perez’s tenth year cosplaying, which she realized as she was speaking to us!  She couldn’t have been happier to have been in the show.  We all agreed that we really hope this catches on over on this coast, as it was such a great time for everyone involved.  She emphasized that there had been no backstage cattiness.  Just support! We here at Word of the Nerd couldn’t have been happier to hear that!

Valerie Perez rocks a Daenerys Targaryen inspired dress!

Interested in what you see? Check out the wonderful fashions at their website, here, or on Facebook!


Tejnin’s Creations is a nerd bikini designer.  They featured a wide array of colors and fandoms, with a bikini for any and all nerd girls.  The best way to get a bikini body is to put a bikini on your body, and no one seems to understand that as well as Tenjin’s Creations.  All of the women modeling bikinis looked beautiful! And the enthusiasm for the show was palpable.

All women can wear nerd bikinis!  There was no room for body-shaming, slut-shaming, any kind of shaming, really.  It was during the bikini segment that I really began to get a feel for the spirit of the Geek Fashion Show.  And it’s a spirit that is as infectious as it is spectacular.

This classic console inspired bikini was a hit with the crowd!

We spoke to model Jessica Grey before the fashion show.  She’d only started cosplaying within the past year, but her Psylocke was absolutely fabulous.  Though she was working as a Booth Cosplayer (and check out my post about why I love + respect the hell out of Booth Cosplayers tomorrow) she was more than happy to talk fashion and cosplay with us, which, in case you hadn’t noticed, was a common theme with models and organizers throughout the weekend.  Every was friendly, professional, and more than happy to answer questions.  Given how crazy the weekend was for NerdsLikeUs and Birds of Play, their politeness was super appreciated.

Grey was not only excited to be building her cosplay portfolio, but to be in the show.  It was a big way for her to get involved in the nerd scene, and she was super flattered to be involved! She rocked the Boba Fett bikini on the stage, and we can’t wait to see what cosplays she rocks in the future! She said her dream cosplays include Chun Lee and Kitana, as she’s always been more of a gamer girl.

Here’s Jessica in the Bobba Fett bikini!

Check out Tejnin’s Creations at her Etsy, or on Facebook!


The final designer was Castle Corsetry, made by designer Lauren Bregman, was the original brand that started the Nerd Fashion Show.  Bregman is also part of the cosplay duo Birds of Play.

Castle Corsetry offers overbust, underbust, and waist-cinchers of all kinds of nerdery, all handmade by Bregman.  Fan favorite corsets included the red leather Phoenix overbust corset and the R2D2 overbust corset. The lady of corsetry herself closed up the show in the Slytherin underbust corset that I admired all weekend.


The Corsetry portion of the show promised and delivered a more couture element to nerd fashion.  And true to the word ‘couture,’ the corsetry itself was all about custom looks for all sizes.  I was especially fond of the tutu + corset looks.  They moved in a really spectacular way, offering something that wasn’t afraid to play on the fantasy element of comics.


For more corsetry, check out the Castle Corsetry Esty, or their Facebook page!


The Geek Fashion show is hoping to come to the East Coast for at least a couple more shows this year.  They will be at Stan Lee’s Comickaze in October, on the Hot Topic mainstage.  If you get a chance to go to a Geek Fashion Show, you owe it to yourself and these lovely ladies to go! It’s all the fun of fashion week, but way, way better.

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