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Monster Matador Spinoff Series Available Now

On March 27, Action Lab Comics released a Monster Matador spinoff, Tales From the World of Monster Matador, to explore the universe of the comic.

What is Monster Matador?

Created by Steven Prince, Monster Matador follows the adventures of Ramon Alejandro Estevez-Guerrero in a post-apocalyptic, not-so-distant future where the world is ruled by monsters. They are cruel and destructive. They took out cities and ruined countless lives. Ramon is the Monster Matador, one of the few people brave enough to resist the monster’s grip on the lives of people. Fans have followed Ramon for ten issues.

What Is The Spinoff About?

Tales from the World of Monster Matador takes on a parody approach, where others not as qualified as Ramon are eager to challenge the monsters. For example, in this first issue, five of the actors who have played Batman – Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney – argue who will truly become the hero and save Los Angeles from the monster set on destroying it. All while Michael Kaine, who played Alfred, lectures them. 

Prince said in a press release, “we take a tongue-in-cheek look at what happens when folks who are used to playing heroes are forced to actually become heroes. Needless to say…it doesn’t go terribly well.”

Rylend Grant joined Prince to write the spinoff. Prince himself is the artist, and Iwan Joko Triyono serves as the colorist for the project. Grant wrote Aberrant, his best-known action comic. He said the prospect of writing with Prince excited him. 

“Monster Matador has, for years, been one of my absolute favorite titles on the comic shelf,” he said in a press release. He praised the series for its wit, humor, and irreverent nature. “When Steve asked me to write a chapter in his story, I honestly almost shat myself. It was a nerd’s dream come true.”

You can view the book trailer on YouTube.

What’s In Store?

There isn’t too much available for what future issues will cover. Action Lab Comics has confirmed minor characters from Monster Matador will get more of a spotlight, pop culture icons will be everywhere, and there will be a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air inspired issue. Grant will return for that one. There will also be one with Scott Stapp, the lead singer of Creed, and a conspiracy between the CIA and Oscar Mayer Weiner Company. 

My Thoughts

I read this first one about the Batman actors, and it honestly did not impress me. I thought it relied a little too heavily on worn-out tropes and some of the jokes made me roll my eyes so hard I could basically see my brain. Especially the bit where they reduced Amal Clooney to a lemonade sipping bimbo. That’s a cold take if I ever saw one. 

If you’re into things that are kind of like discount Family Guy, this is probably the comic for you. You can download it at the Monster Matador website or Amazon. A limited print edition is available on the website as well.  




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