Adventure Time to End in 2018

pendleton_wardA Cartoon Network hit series is saying goodbye. Adventure Time, the 2010 show that brought us bacon pancakes, will be ending in 2018 with Season 9 and a final feature film. This award-winning series gained popularity over the years, and has had guest celebrities appear throughout its run, most notably Neil Patrick Harris as Prince Bubblegum. According to Deadline, Pendleton Ward stated that the award-winning series was a project that they were passionate about. The episodes were crafted with a great deal of care and the team has always been proud of the show. Members of this crew gradually moved on to work on other Cartoon Network projects, such as Steven Universe and Over The Garden Wall.


The Legacy of Adventure Time 

When one observes the trend for a lot of the Cartoon Network original shows, each generation has followed a certain theme. The original crew move on to other projects, and then the show wraps up to make way for the next generation. The last few years, the network has aired shows that range from a light campy tone to a bit dark. Adventure Time has always been in the middle, giving the audience a lot of giggles, with a few feels to keep viewers on their toes. This broad tone opened the door for shows such as Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, that have a lot more thought-provoking moments. Steven Universe especially approaches real life situations head on, allowing for viewers of all ages to experience the characters stories and relate to them.

It will be a sad day for many when the final episode airs, but there will always be a legacy with us that encourages all creators to do their best. 

What do you think of Adventure Time coming to an end? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

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