After Earth Trailer Review

Person standing on a crashed ship of a quarantined planet


Admittedly I was drawn in when I saw the first trailer in the cinema. It shows a clip of a man calming a young boy before their ship is ripped apart. Explosions and panic! Just what I like. A voice over by Will Smith’s character sets the scene of them crash-landing on a quarantined planet where everything will be out to kill them. Scenes of creatures out to maul the boy and a scene of him diving off a cliff are followed by the reveal that the planet was Earth. The second trailer gave the story more depth when it showed the boy’s failings at Military school and his mother urging the man to be a father to the boy. It’s fast-paced, it’s exciting, and the music fits both trailers well.

So what is it actually about? General Cypher Raige, played by Will Smith, returns home to his wife and son after an extended tour of duty. Kitai Raige, played by Jaden Smith, is a reckless 13-year-old boy that is failing military school. Kitai embarks on a trip with his father after the wife urges her husband to be there for their son as he aspires to be a Ranger too. An asteroid storm damages their craft and causes them to crash-land on a quarantined planet that was once Earth. Every creature has evolved to kill them and Kitai is forced to trek across the hostile terrain to recover their rescue beacon as his father lies dying in the cockpit.

The fact that the story is set on a savage, dangerous, and highly evolved Earth is already a twist itself and possibly there may be more to come. It also has Will Smith and M. Night Shyamalan written all over it. Hopefully, with M.Shyamalan producing it and the final writer of the 3 being Gary Whitta, it will be as well-produced and directed as Devil but with the brilliant screenplay of The Book of Eli. I’m pretty excited to see it, and I will be seeing it when it gets released in the UK on the 7th June. If there isn’t a moment where Will Smith goes “Aw, hell no” I’ll be shocked and slightly disappointed.

Release date: 31st May 2013

Rating: 15


About the author

Susie Cumberland

Susie is from the dark side of Nottingham and is a Research Data Analyst. She spends her free time watching movies, killing things in games, and pretending to work. Also, Susie has her own science based craft business called Astrodoodles. She is a keen doodler of space things. She can be found floating around on twitter @susiecumberland

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