Agent Carter: The Big H

This week’s premiere of Agent Carter proved the new show be one of the most satisfying new shows on television.  It promises to be a fun and extremely fashionable ride, to say the very least.  On the surface, Agent Carter has all the fun of a spy show mixed with the bravado and charm of our titular character.  But there’s something going on behind the scenes of the plot that I and many other fans seem to be wondering about.

As we learned in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Hydra is never actually defeated at the end of WW2.  Instead, it festers itself within SHIELD, becoming a part of the organization.  Eventually, Hydra will burst from SHIELD’s chest, Alien-style, but right now, it’s only 1946.  What that means, though, is that while Peggy is building her SHIELD repertoire, behind her back, someone is doing the same with Hydra.

Our big bad right now seems to be Leviathan, a name that isn’t heard in comics nearly as much as Hydra.  It’s the same sort of organization, though it’s apparently from the Soviet side of the war, whereas Hydra is from the Axis side.  I know this because I checked the wiki.  Now, we can only sort of use 616 canon to judge what’s going to unfold in the MCU, since as we know, they really prefer to do their own thing with the characters, and then link it back to the comics much later down the road.

As we watch Agent Carter, it’s unclear if we should really be looking for hints towards SHIELD’s more insidious leanings.  Right now, it seems like the show is focusing on entertainment and thrill.  However, it’s only been two episodes out of the whole mini-series, and it’s had its darker moments.  Peggy losing her roommate, for one.  Or Peggy pinning her assailant’s hand to the roof of a truck with a knife before she sends it careening off into the Hudson.

I know that I’ll be looking for double-agents as we go further into the show.  I find myself wondering how little Peggy knew about Hydra, or if she actually had some awareness of it.  We know that Nick Fury realized it, and it might make sense that she would’ve known as well.  Perhaps she thought they’d never come to light, or that they could be squashed out quietly.  Or maybe she simply didn’t know at all. 

That’s the unspoken tragedy, I think, of Agent Carter.  That we have to watch Peggy Carter put her heart and soul into doing good while knowing that there is a great evil hiding right behind her.  We know that any one of the men she works with could be a Hydra spy, and she has no idea.  We’re watching this happen, and we’re so desperate to help, to prevent the fall that we know will be coming, but there’s nothing that can be done.

Here’s the thing.  If you love yourself, you will watch Agent Carter.  Though I’m worried about the Hydra qualm, I really, really think the show is going to give us something to go on, here.  I think that there will be a satisfaction in Peggy’s story to replace the worry that I’m currently feeling.

Plus, the Howling Commandos are showing up next week.  And no one should miss that.

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