Agents of Recap, S02E08: The Things We Bury

Welcome to the weekly recap! This week was a pretty killer ep, so let’s get to it!

Important points of the episode:

1. I Still Maintain that I Was Right About Grant Ward, The Musical

  • How terrible would it be if I just posted the lyrics for Burning Down the House in bullet points?
  • I’m
  • An
  • Ordinary
  • Boy
  • recap8screencaps.1
  • Okay I’m not going to do that
  • I discussed Grant’s abuse and not having to forgive your abusers in this week’s SHADE, and I recommend reading that since that really discusses the nuances of Grant’s family
  • recap8screencaps.2
  • But also, I want to just mention a couple of things about Grant Ward and Hydra
    • In episode 1×22, he asks Garrett if they’re done with Hydra.  “I mean, we’re not true believers, right?
    • In episode 2×06, he promises Skye he’ll help her find her father.  “I have connections.”
    • In episode 2×07, he asks Bakshi to see Whitehall.  Grant also delivers Bakshi to the team.
    • Also in 2×07, Grant promises Skye (again) that he will give the team more ‘presents.’
    • In episode 2×08, we discover that Whitehall has NO IDEA that it’s Grant that handed Bakshi over to Coulson’s team.
    • We also see Grant doing the one thing he’s been talking about since 2×01: meeting Skye’s father.
    • The boy’s gone full Jason Todd, friends.
    • I cannot believe.  I cannot believe.
    • recap8screencaps.3
      The full Todd, if you will
  • That’s my opinion on Grant Ward, anyway
  • He’s morally grey, he’s going to kill people
  • Guess what: most of the people on Coulson’s team have also killed a person
  • Grant’s hands are not technically bloodier than May’s or Hunter’s, but he betrayed the team so he’s bad.  But he’s just as grey as the rest of them
  • I’m bitter.

2. The Dad-Off Continues

  • So Skye’s dad is really one of my favorites right now
  • And that’s not just because I love Kyle MacLachlan
    • I mean it’s partly because but not just because
    • He is bringing so much to this sort of manic figure that isn’t really evil and just wants to see his daughter again?
    • recap8screencaps.4
      “And after we end the world, I’m going to take Skye out for ice cream.”
  • We have no idea, actually, if the Diviner is going to end the world or just do, as Alien Dad said, something “much, much cooler.”
  • For all we know it will just give them superpowers who knows
  • What we do know is: Alien Dad wants to punish Whitehall and reunite with Skye.  Those are his two goals.
  • How he goes about achieving them is where it’s getting weird.
  • He’s not being very subtle about how much he hates Whitehall, though, and I’m wondering if Whitehall is just really dense or just doesn’t see Skye’s Dad as a legitimate threat
  • recap8screencaps.5
    “It’s not murderin’ time. Not yet. But soon.”
  • Also, was not a fan of the people being used as plot devices this week
  • We have Trip’s life literally being used as a bargaining chip, because of course we do
  • Trip is too handsome to be used as a plot device like that
    • recap8screencaps.6
      He is a sleeping prince and only true love’s kiss will wake him so move over, I’ve got kissing to do
    • I mean for me, there was no threat that he was actually going to die.  I knew he was just going to be used to further Alien Dad’s plot
    • Couldn’t we have done that without risking Trip to begin with, though?  Couldn’t you have just shot Coulson in the leg and patched that up?
    • I just feel like Trip is being under-used and when he is being used it’s to be shot.
    • Can we not?
  • Also, I’d like to talk about Skye’s mother because oh boy that was gross
  • I have a fridge delivery for Mr. Alien Dad
  • Should I just leave it here?
  • In all seriousness though, she was a woman who spoke no English or German and was literally used as a prop to 1. prove how EEEEVIL Whitehall is (which we KNEW) and 2. send Skye’s dad into a frenzied rage/revenge quest
  • There was no reason for her to have no agency nor for her death to be so brutal
  • She was literally used as a human prop for gore porn and that’s disgusting and unacceptable
  • #agencyforskyesmom2k14

3. Bakshi, Brainwashing, and Bobbi Morse

  • Okay first of all: Bobbi is amazing.  She’s one of the greatest things probably ever.
  • She seemed to be a better interrogator than either May or Ward, by the way
  • recap8screencaps.7
    “First question: what is it like being questioned by someone who is literally perfect?”
  • Which is also why I didn’t like Lance needling her, especially after Bakshi tried to kill himself?
  • That was not Bobbi’s fault, nor was it something she had control over
  • And I really feel like Lance bothering her has gone from kind of cute to “dude, back off”
  • I was also not a fan of how Bobbi’s plotline seems to be revolving entirely around Lance?
  • recap8screencaps.8
    “I am too hot for this bullshit, Lance.”
  • Like we get it, they were married.  Maybe there’s still some feelings there.  But like Trip, Bobbi is really being under-used in a lot of ways
    • That being said she’s still getting more mileage than Trip
    • This is ensemble show.  We have a lot of cast members.  That being said, we need to treat each cast member like their own character with their own agency, otherwise things can become very muddled and frustrating
    • Like they are right now!
  • And speaking of agency: if you’re going to show that Jemma Simmons is brainwashed and deny her of her agency, just get it over with
  • I am glad that she and Mack seem to be getting along, though!
  • Also, I’m so happy with Simon Kassianides this week.  He really nailed every line and he was just.
    • Amazing and really sexy, tbh
    • More Bakshi
    • recap8screencaps.9
      I need to kiss him too, actually
  • Also he mentioned the things Bobbi had to do undercover, and I’d like to see that discussed?
    • Hey that could be a Bobbi plot point that doesn’t revolve around Lance
    • A+
    • I’m so good at this where’s my Emmy
  • I am glad that Lance and Bobbi got their sexual tension off but I also feel like it could’ve been done without Bobbi explaining to Lance that she’s doing a ton of shit for him
    • She doesn’t need to be his plot point, here
    • Also, what about Simmorse?  What about what we DESERVE?
    • recap8screencaps.10
      Simmorse has everything. Height differences, the cutest cutes, HEIGHT DIFFERENCES

Other noteworthy things:

  • The first thing Grant says to Skye’s Dad is “I used to work with Coulson’s team” which to me came across a lot like code for “I’m not loyal to Whitehall either”
  • recap8screencaps.11
    “Also one time I kissed your daughter it was the only time I’ve been truly happy in my life. So. Nice to meet you, sir.”
  • Fitz seems to be progressing really well.  Which is also why I’m pissed about Trip.  He was trying to protect Fitz and got hurt and so we also got no Trip/Fitz interaction?  Where have my friendships gone?
  • That being said, Fitz seemed to get this EMP done without Simmons or Mack
  • Maybe having a person to lean on in and of itself is kind of bad for Fitz
  • Sort of like, he’s not going to try to achieve as much on his own when he can share the burden
  • That’s just speculation though
  • Phil literally had Trip go and get a tie that Audrey got him.  He still misses her and ouch my heart
  • I thought Phil was going to punch Alien Dad in the face when he said ‘You’re not her father!’
    • Them’s fighting words.
    • recap8screencaps.12
      “Call me not-dad again to my face, I dare you”
  • I do hope that Grant is working for the benefit of the team and not just Skye, though
    • I mean on the one hand.  On the other I kind of don’t want him crawling back to them and begging for forgiveness.  I want him coming to terms with himself on his own.
  • Like did you see how mesmerized Skye’s mother was by the Diviner? Not good.  NOT GOOD.
  • recap8screencaps.13
    I will write you fanfiction. I will give you the agency you deserved. Ilu, Mama Poots.
  • This is getting very Disney’s Atlantis as a whole, with Skye as Kida
  • recap8screencaps.14
    Skye is the perfect Disney princess as she is both cute and powerful
  • Don’t believe me?  Here’s what’s happening next week:
    • Coulson’s team race to find a hidden, underwater alien city that will probably unlock the secrets of the universe.  And as it turns out, Skye might just be the key.

• Girl, if your dad offers you a crystal necklace, don’t take it.

Until next time, friends!

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