Brand New Team to Work on Deadpool in New Marvel Series

Deadpool #1 (Marvel Comics) cover (detail) by Chris Bachalo


Deadpool Rising

The quick-witted and childish capeless crusader has been a staple of Marvel for almost three decades now. In recent times, the character Deadpool has boomed in popularity with the prominence of the internet.

His adoring fanbase became a cult-like following in the nineties and noughties. The following translated into the modern era via sharing content online. The turn of the millennium has been much kinder to Wade Wilson, previously looked upon as a niche property and the unwanted stepchild of the X-Men. The canvas of memes and out-of-context quotes has been a catalyst for the character gaining ground. 

Deadpool #1 (Marvel Comics) cover by Chris Bachalo
Deadpool #1 (Marvel Comics) cover by Chris Bachalo

Naturally, Ryan Reynolds’ turn in the monstrously successful cinematic productions has been what has gained Deadpool the most traction. With this surge in visibility of the character comes higher demand. Marvel has never disappointed in regards to producing Deadpool content recently. They are set to release a brand new comic series shortly.

The Creative Team

On the back of a number of other series, Deadpool is due a rebranding with a fresh perspective. Lending their talents to this rebirth are Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo, both familiar names to avid Marvel readers. Kelly is most notable for her writing tenure on Captain Marvel and The West Coast Avengers. Chris is known from his stint with creating the art of Uncanny X-Men and Amazing Spider-Man. With the pedigree of both, there is clear experience that will shine through in this new series. The first piece of art has already been released for Deadpool #1. Here we have the front cover as imagined by Chris Bachalo.

What’s the Story?

The teaser above indicates a unique sense of identity for this series. If we go down the rabbit hole of the plot, we can see more markers of what is to come. The Kelly Thompson-penned story will focus on the merc with a mouth seeking out the king of monsters. 

A whole new premise tells us that Wade Wilson will be playing realtor when he seeks to rehome monsters who are living in New York. The above image alludes to the potential that Wade will be donning a crown to help them on their way. The cover seems adversarial in nature, so we are to expect that not all monsters will be friendly with Wade. Diplomacy has never been Wade’s strong point and we would wager that bullets will be flying regardless of his approach. 

A tale of this magnitude is certainly apt for the foul-mannered mercenary and we hope that it will be as entertaining as it sounds!


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