Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Wonder Woman Movie!

I told you I wasn’t going to let this slide.Wonder Woman and Lasso

Along with the nerdgasm that was Zack Snyder’s announcement that the Man of Steel “sequel” would co-star Batman, Warner Bros. Studios also announced the next two films that would follow the Superman/Batman team-up in 2015. We have The Flash slated for a 2016 release and The Justice League in 2017. If you feel as though something’s missing, you’d be right. As many fans have noted, there’s a distinct lack of a Wonder Woman movie featured in Warner Bros. and DC’s “Phase 1” of their cinematic universe. If you’re beginning to feel, or have already felt, the burning sensation of anger, don’t fight it, just let it wash over you and be content in the fact that you’re not alone. It’s one thing to have Superman and Batman team up in a movie – I can live with that – but the fact that the next movie is The Flash and not Wonder Woman is insulting to fans of Wonder Woman and fans of the DC Universe. She’s the first female superhero; she’s a cultural icon. She deserves to have her own movie before The Flash and before she’s part of the Justice League ensemble.

And I’m tired of the excuses. I’m tired of people saying it’s not the right time, or the script’s still in development, or we have to figure out how to make her relatable. I’m also tired of people like, Diane Nelson, the President of DC Comics, talking about how high of a priority she is but they need to do right by her, which is why she’s on the backburner. Really? You know how you can get the character right, Ms. Nelson? Make a movie and get it right! I find it mind-boggling that you think Sandman would be an easier sell than Wonder Woman. Sandman, granted, is a wonderful series by Neil Gaiman, but it’s populated by characters unknown outside of comic book readers and is dense as hell. You know what you need to do to sell Wonder Woman? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Why? Because it’s Wonder Woman and we all know who she is!

But you’re still concerned about fitting what is essentially a Greek goddess into a modern setting? Okay, ummm…hmmm…Did you see Thor, by any chance? How about any of the Harry Potter movies? Percy Jackson?  You see, all of these movies incorporate the fantastical and the mythological into the modern world in their own quirky little ways, so I think it’s safe to say you can do the same. You’ve already got an alien and a billionaire who dresses like a bat keyed up, so I’m sure the audience is capable of suspending their disbelief. Even The Spirit managed to work the blood of Heracles into its plot! What’s that? You’re concerned about a female lead in a movie? Interesting, but I’ll go with it. Well, I hate to Trinity Infinite Crisisburst your precious bubble of ignorance and denial, but The Hunger Games, Hanna, Prometheus, Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave, and even Twilight featured female leads, in an action role, and made money. Are you listening, DC and Warner Bros.? I just told you that Twilight – TWILIGHT!! – made money with a female lead character and you can’t even give me a Wonder Woman movie? I’m not saying all of them are works of art, but they made money and they brought in huge audiences. And that’s just within the last few years. You also have Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Kill Bill, Xena Warrior Princess, and the Alien franchise to consider as well.

Now if I was a bettin’ woman, I’d say you’re just a skosh concernicus about the creative team you’ve hired to run the DC Cinematic Universe and their track record with female characters. Let’s face it, fully realized women don’t seem to be the strong suit of Christopher Nolan or David S. Goyer and we all know the clusterfuck that was Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch. So I get it, you’re saving Wonder Woman for an ensemble piece where you can quietly hide how badly written she’ll end up being amongst much stronger, more well written characters like The Flash (Congrats, Goyer, you finally got your Flash movie. How does it feel?) because that’s Goyer’s strong suit, right? But here’s the thing…that’s not good enough. That’s not acceptable. If you don’t think Goyer and Snyder can pull off Wonder Woman, then you hand the project off to someone else, someone who can make it work, and release the movie in the same year as The Flash because Diana of Themyscira deserves more than a “How d’ya do?” in a Justice League movie.

But I’ll level with you, DC and WB, I get that it’s hard for you to really commit to a Wonder Woman. I’ll even give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re really set on doing right by the character and, short of dusting off Joss Whedon’s old script, you’re just scratching your heads over what to do about this conundrum. So, I’m gonna provide you with some ideas as to how you could make a Wonder Woman movie and still have it contain all of the nuances and character development you seem to shy away from while still having action pieces that will satisfy most of the fan base – let’s be honest, you can’t please everyone, even I understand that. Click on the links below, and go forth with my blessing.Wonder-woman-tamar20-30864544-1024-737

Wonder Woman Movie Themes

Wonder Woman Movie Pitch

For those who’ve continued on, have returned, or just stuck with the ranty nature that is one of my articles, please share your ideas about what would make a good Wonder Woman movie. What does Wonder Woman mean to you and what’s it gonna take to get her on the big screen where she belongs?

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