A NSFW Trailer for Dropped for The Boys

The Boys are Back in Town

A new trailer dropped for Amazon’s upcoming series The Boys, which is an adaptation of Garth Ennis’s ongoing comic series of the same title. Take a look at the trailer:

NSFW—we’re not kidding!


The overall look and feel of the series feel like the raunchy version of Batman Doomsday. The one where Batman has to take out the Justice League. Feels just like that, but with sex, drugs, murder, and rock’n’roll. So the question here is, how can you not be excited for this?! It has Karl Urban starring as the lead. Seth Rogen is an executive producer on the series, and he has his team of key creatives to get this show going. I mean, yeah, I’m sold. It looks to take the superhero genre into a dark comedy, satirical route that has only really been seen in the Deadpool franchise so far.

As of now, Amazon Studios has produced two superhero series, The Tick and The Boys. My question is, when are they going to produce a series that doesn’t start with “The”, because Facebook dropped the “The”, and are they ever going to do a superhero series that isn’t somewhat comedy-driven? They are producing the animated series based on the Robert Kirkman Invincible comics, but if I’m being honest I haven’t read them and don’t know the tone of that series. Seth Rogen is also an executive producer on that project as well. So if it follows suit with his other comic book adapted projects, Preacher and The Boys, then I guess it’d be safe to say Amazon is creating a superhero universe themselves…The Rogenverse.

Final Thoughts

This trailer gives me hope for this series and I look forward to getting a chance to watch it. I have faith in Amazon, Seth Rogen, and our Nerd and Savior Karl Urban. Hopefully, the show delivers on the hilariousness promised by the trailer. And I look forward to Amazon taking more chances and letting Rogen adapt more comic book content, because at the end of the day it’s great for us nerds and the comic book industry.

Sound Off

Are you excited for the Rogenverse? Do you believe Keith Urban can kick the moon? These are questions I have at night, but the one thing I don’t question is where I can get all my daily nerd news, because you can get it right here! Make sure to follow us on social media to get all the latest words from nerds! 

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