Amazon vs Netflix: The Battle of Advertising

Amazon Outspends Netflix

Amazon is officially outspending Netflix when it comes to advertising budgets. That’s according to Todd Krizelman, CEO of MediaRadar, in a Forbes article. I could jump into all the number and what have you, but I’ll lead that to Forbes because frankly they can explain that better. Instead I want to focus on why, what, when, and do we care.


MediaRadar graph image Amazon vs Netflix ad budget - via Forbes
image via Forbes

I think the why is pretty simple. They see a moment where Netflix is taking a social hit, even though not warranted, from subscribers for the future of no longer being able to watch Friends or The Office. This is the first time I can remember that Netflix took a hit like this. When they upped their prices there was less blowback, but it really seems people don’t understand licensing rights and are really upset with the loss of these beloved shows.

Along with the right moment, Amazon shifted to a more consumer-friendly content, rather than their critically acclaimed series and movies. That shows in the series they are actively promoting recently in Jack Ryan, Hanna, The Boys, and Good Omens. These are shows you could see living on HBO or Netflix.

They are striking to become the streaming service for great original content before Disney joins the fight.


I don’t know what the “what” is, honestly. Don’t even know why I put that… moving on!


Kind of answered this already, but they’re making the move now due to the backlash against Netflix. Another quick one. Look at us go!

Who Cares

That’s an easy one. Amazon Prime members care. Amazon is trying to tell their customers they are the go-to shop for great content. Now I do believe in the near future Amazon will incorporate a buy-now feature for items or products you see in their shows or movies; that’s me speculating, but would take product placement to a new frontier. 

Sound Off

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Do you see all the advertising they’re throwing at you? Do you want to see a pair of shoes on Hanna and tell Alexa to buy them for you and it knows exactly what pair you mean and what size you need? Let me know down below!

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