American Gods Debuts at SXSW

The pilot episode of American Gods debuted at the SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas this week. The Starz original series is an adaptation of the 2001 Neil Gaiman book of the same name.

American GodsAmerican Gods Rise

Neil Gaiman writes nigh unfilmable stories. Many of his properties are optioned for adaptation and never come to fruition. However, Starz is looking to change that trend. The cable channel premiered the pilot episode of their American Gods television series to a packed house at Austin’s SXSW film festival last weekend. The reaction from the crowd was overwhelmingly positive. Those in attendance were treated to a special message from Gaiman, who could not attend the festival in person.

The show follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he is released from prison and takes a job as a bodyguard for the mysterious Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). Meanwhile, as Moon and Wednesday travel across America, it appears Wednesday knows more about Shadow than he lets on. The pilot of American Gods covers the first few chapters of the book and introduces the audience to Moon, Wednesday, and Bilquis (Yetide Badaki). The cast also features Orlando Jones and Dane Cook. The cast features strong character actors and is full of television veterans.

American Gods is hitting at the perfect time. Starz’s first original series, Black Sails, is in its final season. HBO’s juggernaut, Game of Thrones, is coming to an end in 2018. So, with those shows out of the way, American Gods is poised to become America’s new go-to fantasy series. And with the one-two punch of Ash vs. Evil Dead and American Gods, Starz looks like the next big name in premium cable entertainment. Besides, anything that gets us closer to a Good Omens series is worth watching.

American Gods debuts on Starz on April 30th, 2017.

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