American Horror Story: Six Trailers for New Season

Even with only a few months left to go until American Horror Story season six premieres, we know next to nothing about the new season. Producers are keeping all details tightly under wraps, which is frustrating because we really need to prepare for the horrors this season will dish out!

But finally, thanks to six all new teaser trailers via Variety, we’re finally getting some information about American Horror Story’s sixth season. Check out the teasers below and speculate with us!

Six Teasers Released for Sixth Season of American Horror Story

The six American Horror Story videos were originally released on Snapchat, so they definitely aren’t long. But hey, it’s more information than we’ve gotten about the newest season so far.

Each video has the creepy tone we’ve come to expect from the show, and they all feature some variation of “?6,” much like the season’s official logo. The producers clearly know they aren’t giving us much, and they’re having fun watching us all struggle.

The first spot, entitled “What’s Cooking,” features a rural, isolated farmhouse, a common image in horror. Smoke coming from the house’s chimney spells out the “?6” while a chainsaw revs and someone screams. The chainsaw clearly brings to mind The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Based on that reference and the screaming, the video’s title could refer to cannibalism.

Called “Sunset Stroll,” the second spot seemingly gives us less to go on. It shows three people – a woman, a child, and a man – walking toward the camera. Their eyes are glowing, which has caused many people to speculate that Children of the Corn could have something to do with American Horror Story’s theme this season. That movie involved killer children in a farm community – like the “What’s Cooking” teaser – so maybe there’s something to that speculation.

“Sunset Stroll” also has flickering frames and old-timey music, making it seem like news reel footage from the past. FX CEO John Landgraf previously confirmed that parts of American Horror Story’s sixth season would be set in the past via flashbacks.

He said, “It’s set in the present although with echoes of the past. It’s set in two time periods … but principally in the present.”

The third video, which is designated “Post Op,” has some of the graphic violence we’ve come to expect from American Horror Story. It shows a man getting his head stapled, after which he’s told, “Try to keep it dry.” While this could also point to a Texas Chain Saw-esque season, it’s important to note that medical torture like this has been featured in several different seasons of American Horror Story already.

“Lullaby,” the fourth teaser trailer, has the same news reel feel as “Sunset Stroll,” but shows a baby’s crib with a mobile over it. The mobile isn’t your typical baby mobile as it has a knife, a hook, and a sickle, among other such instruments.

The baby crying in the background isn’t your typical baby either – or at least the hand that reaches up and grabs the knife isn’t your typical baby hand. Instead, it looks demonic, perhaps bringing to mind the baby that Lady Gaga’s character, the Countess, had last season.

At the PaleyFest event for American Horror Story, show co-creator Ryan Murphy said season six would involve children in some way. He elaborated, “[Horror] often deals with the innocence of children, and their wide-eyed way into it.” 

Video number five, “Descent,” is perhaps the most generic horror scene, not offering many details about this season of American Horror Story in particular. It shows a metal staircase under flickering lights. After a few seconds, a woman – judging by the screams – runs down the staircase, and hands reach out from under the stairs to grab her.

The sixth and final video offers a hint to what’s about in its title: “Milli Crossing.” Let me say that if you have a fear of bugs, you should probably skip this one since a millipede crawls all over a woman’s face and hair. Variety points out that millipedes are often associated with farms, likely continuing the theme previously established in “What’s Cooking” and “Sunset Stroll.”

American Horror Story: Six

These six trailers combined with the VR Experience from American Horror Story at San Diego Comic-Con, which put viewers in a creepy hospital with fetuses in jars, are the only clues we have about the upcoming season. And unfortunately, that’s not a lot to go on.

We do know that as per usual actors from previous seasons of American Horror Story will be returning, this time including Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Wes Bentley, Sarah Paulson, and Kathy Bates.

American Horror Story season six will premiere September 14th on FX.

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