America’s Got Powers #2

As you may, or may not know, I live in Manchester in the UK and this year the UK is “lucky” enough to play host to the Olympics. The games don’t start for another month or so and I am already sick to death of it all. Everyone on TV/Radio is having to fake interest and there is a whole lot of nicey, nicey ass kissing going on to keep both locals and visitors happy and to make it look like all of the country’s taking part love each other, when we all know that if they had their way they would gladly bomb the crap out of one another. Vomit worthy.

There are two things that are going to carry me through these tough times:-

1, Living in Manchester I am almost 300 miles away from the Olympics (being held in London) WIN!!

2, Thanks to Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch we are able to see a super powered, and entirely more entertaining version of the games in America’s Got Powers.

America's Got Powere #2
America's Got Powere #2

We are now on issue number two of this six part comic series and I am very keen to see where they are going with it.

The series centers around a group of super powered Americans, as the title wound suggest, that are pitted against one another in a televised and completely brutal contest. The winner of this contest will gain membership in to world’s only official Super team. As you can imagine, competition is fierce to say the least.

In issue one we were shown that the source these incredible powers was a mysterious glowing crystal that appeared in San Francisco. A strange glow given off by the crystal caused a large number of women to spontaneously give birth to super powered offspring. As a way to deal and control these super humans America’s Got Powers was setup. Seventeen years later we are introduced to Tommy Watts, a super human with zero super powers whose twin brother was killed in the previous year’s show. Things take a sudden turn for Tommy as he enters the America’s Got Powers arena, while the games are in full flow, to save a young boy who is mistakenly caught in the fray. A mysterious explosion, seemingly caused by Tommy, puts an end to that day’s games and Tommy is added to the game roster.

Now, in issue two, we re-join Tommy in the midst of confusion. Still unsure what his powers are, if any, Tommy is being moved to join the rest of the competitors. But, determined not to take part, the organizers need to find a way to force Tommy in the games. What lengths will the organizers go to get this new supposed hero to fight?

America's Got Powers
America's Got Powers (Issue #1)


This comic looks amazing. Ross’ writing is engaging and coupled with Hitch’s art make for some incredible and fast paced action scenes. Recently, on a panel at Kapow! Comic con, the pair expressed worry about the book being predictable and said some changes had been made to combat this. This news coupled the first two issues makes me very excited for what is to come in the rest of this series.


Ross and Hitch
Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch at Kapow!


So, if you fancy the action of Avengers vs. X-men with a Matrix/Darth Bane zero to hero story (possibly!!) the checkout Americas Got Powers #2 from Image Comics on 30th May 2012.

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