Amy Pond Finds Inspector Spacetime

Inspector Spacetime


Oftentimes when someone utters that their “worlds are colliding,” there is some sort of negative connotation to it, like your work buddies met your college friends and all types of secrets are spilled. However, in the universe of the Nerd-tastic, worlds colliding could actually signify the advent of such a beautiful union of superior entertainment that one wonders why no one has ever ventured through these paths before. Such was my feeling when I first saw Inspector Spacetime on Abed’s computer screen during an episode of NBC’s Community. Here was a brilliantly funny thirty minute prime-time show that embedded a spoof of my current favorite science fiction action from BBC, Doctor Who.

Here is the scene, in case you missed it:

As the inspector emerged from a red phone booth, with an assistant in tow, then being approached by some hardly menacing-looking metallic enemies, well, to be honest with you, I never imagined it would get any better than that. I figured I could wait week after week to see where the writers of Community would sneak in Inspector Spacetime references.

It was enough for an über-nerd such as myself. I could live with these conditions.

But then, those colliding worlds of mine went ahead and made a magnificent explosion.

You see, Karen Gillan who plays Amy Pond on Doctor Who – in other words, the Doctor’s current companion – found out about Inspector Spacetime. She decided to check out Community for herself and, after getting hooked (who wouldn’t?) she has even extended an invitation to the writers, “Any time you need an Amy Pond on Inspector Spacetime then just let me know!”

I know this all sounds too good to be true, so here it is, from Ms. Gillan herself:

You see? Worlds collided, but in a really, really awesome way! I say we gather our nerd forces and get #AmyMeetsAbed trending on twitter and give @karengillan2 a happy welcome to the twitter-sphere!


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