And the Ultimate Comic Villain and Hero is….

As The Dark Knight Rises approaches, LoveFilm have put together a poll to find out who fans think is the ultimate villain and hero by creating the character. 3,500 took part in the poll and the result isn’t quite what you would expect.

The ultimate villain ended up looking like this:

It seems fans couldn’t decide on just one villain so this is the result; a rather odd-looking creature. LoveFilm worked with artist Jack Lawrence to create the creature once all of the votes had been counted.

What you see is a mixture of craziness, tentacles, shape-shifting, metal controlling and capes. Sounds like somebody’s wildest fantasy to me…

To create this villain we have the head (44%) and outfit (39%) from the Joker – Batman’s arch rival. But the suit is influenced by Venom (20%), one of Spider-Man’s most terrifying enemies.

The rest of his body and outfit comes from Dr. Octopus (21%) for the metal tentacles, Doctor Doom (9%) for the cape, and Kroenen (13%) from Hellboy for the mask.

When it comes to powers, Mystique gives it shape shifting power (25%) and the ability to control metal from Magneto (19%), meaning most if his abilities have come from the X-Men books.

When it comes to Ultimate Superhero, Batman is a clear favourite amongst fans and it shows within the character.

The ultimate superhero would have the mask of Rorshach (27%), Batman’s suit (27%) and the indestructible claws of Wolverine (38%).

As that doesn’t seem like all that much, to even the field a little, the hero would have a Batmobile (29%) and also Batman’s utility belt (17%). It still does not seem like that much as this is the ultimate superhero…

Editor of LOVEFiLM, Helen Cowley said: “With so many great superhero films out this summer we wanted to find out what film fans thought would make the ultimate enemy. Any caped crusader would have their hands full if they came face to face with The Ultimate Villain. Even The Ultimate Superhero would struggle to fend off this foe whose powers and accessories make for a very potent mix of weaponry!”

So what do you think of these two characters? Would the super villain easily win? Do the lack of powers from Superman or Iron Man say something? Who would you vote for?

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