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Angel Falling

ANGELFALLING_preview_pageA woman appears on top of a Brooklyn dumpster one day half naked, and with no recollection of why she is there or how she got there… this is the premise for Jeff Kaufman’s new work Angel Falling from Zeneoscope Entertainment.  This graphic novel is brought to us by the same mind that gave us Whore and Terminal Alice, will tell the story of Angel and Connor as they try run from their pasts.  Connor, a teenaged boy with autism watches over Angel who proves that she is no damsel in distress as she is one of the most dangerous people in the world.


And from there only drama can ensue.


Jeff Kaufman, a defense attorney by trade, is working along side Kevin West and Tom Chu, doing the penciling and colors respectively, to bring us Angel Falling and the partnership proves to be promising.  The art of Angel’s back tattoo makes me envious, and wish that the angel wings on my own back were bigger.

ANGELFALLING_preview_page3                                       ANGELFALLING_preview_page4

I am excited for the release of this graphic novel, as the premise is intriguing my initial reaction is one of reluctance.  Being from Brooklyn myself I am the always the first to want to support something about my borough.  However the cliché seems to be if someone finds himself or herself vulnerable in Brooklyn they will be immediately victimized.  Other comics have fallen into this trap as well; for example Marvel’s reboot of Morbius the Living Vampire.  Morbius heads to Brooklyn and promptly runs into drug dealers and is beat and shot repeatedly.  Knowing that this is a false assumption I can look past it to read a story that proves to be about a girl that kicks butt but doesn’t care to take names.  That is a story I can always get behind.

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Janel McClain

New York City native that enjoys so many geeky things and tries to make a costume to reflect them all. She enjoys discovering new comics and sic-fi franchises and endeavors to enjoy them all.

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