Animated Star Trek Set in Movie Universe?

Star Trek is starting to become quite big again and with the new film by J.J. Abrams, it has gained a new lease on life in the modern age. As well as the films, there is also talk of an animated TV series and/or a live-action one.

However, it seems like a live action one would be a little too close to the movie universe, so instead, screenwriter Roberto Orci is opting for an animated version, but set in the movie universe…

If the project gets off the ground, it would follow the adventures of the newest cast, but would be set between films. This has happened several times in comic books, where events between episodes or films have been explained in great detail.

Here is the exchange between and Robert Orcio: Is there some kind of handshake — or possibly written — agreement between Paramount and CBS for CBS to not do a live-action Star Trek TV series while there is a feature film in development or until after JJ Abrams produces three movies?

Roberto Orci: I don’t know how specific that is. I do know there is an conversation where all parties agree to do what is best for Trek. And sometimes that means leaving space for the movie and it may turn into “maybe we can do both.” I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule where if there is a movie you can’t do it. It means let’s be aware of whether or not we are cannibalizing Trek. Let’s be aware of not saturating the audience and having them not be tired of it but hungry for it. But do you agree with me that an animated series is…

Roberto Orci: Yes. It is less cannibalizing. I would like to see an animated series the most. When I think about it, it is the most different than what we are doing and still in the most in line with it. So I would like to see an animated series. An animated series done like the new comic books and game you guys are currently overseeing — set in the movie universe with the same characters, having adventures in between the films?

Roberto Orci: Yes, exactly.

Would you be excited to see a Star Trek animated series with the cast from the film? Does this tread to close to the line? Can an animated Star Trek even work?

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