Anime Artist Dissuades Young Animators From Working in Japan

Highly Stressful

Consumable media through streaming sites such as Crunchyroll is easy to take for granted. For those with a passion for anime, hours of content is readily available on all devices. However, behind these hours are the tireless workers who make them. The work put into these shows is unknown from the viewer’s perspective.

Boruto animator Ida Bagus Yoga (Guzzu) listed in credits

An issue with the nature of creating anime is the effort it requires from its animators. “Burnout” is commonplace in the work culture of this industry. Naturally, as stock rises for the previously-niche medium, heftier workloads follow.

In a recent interview with artist Ida Bagus Yoga, Twitter user Evandro_Pedro96 made a discovery that touched upon anime’s modern landscape.

The Nature of Harsh Schedules

The interview gives the unique perspective of Boruto animator, Ida Bagus Yoga. The sentiment expressed is for animation hopefuls not to work full-time in Japan.

Cited in the interview is a time crunch that involves piecing together frames in a short three-week period. Ida mentions that the level of work is only fit for “the masochistic”. He candidly follows up stating that you must have a “strong soul” to continue in it.

Ida’s words show an uncomfortable reality of the whole anime production cycle.

An Unwelcome Trend

Harsh work-time is not exclusive to the anime industry. This issue crops up in the gaming industry, too. Mandated targets in these environments burden the staff and can be detrimental to the product itself. Predating Ida Bagus Yoga’s words are stories from many other animators. Accounts of physically working to the point of sickness are circulated every few years. Japanese studios Nakamura Productions and Studio Pierrot are the most referenced in this category. The conditions of success don’t always meet with the health and happiness of workers.

While this is an alarming thought, highlighting the conditions can only bring a better chance of improving them. In time, with animators such as Ida Bagus Yoga stepping forward, change can come. Hopefully, It will be in the right direction.

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