Anime Review – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Episode 10


Hello readers! This week, on Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! our heroes face what is possibly their most difficult fight ever. Yumoto gets sick with a fever and is taken home to his brother. The next day he arrives at school in full uniform, with glasses! This new Yumoto puzzles the Defense Club.  Plus, everyone suddenly adores him. The Defense Club loves him.  Sports captains beg him to be team manager! In turn, this makes his classmate jealous, and provides Cearula Adamas with a new host for their plans.

Later, when they face the new monster, Yumoto is unable to transform!  The Battle Lovers are almost defeated, and Yumoto must regain his senses in time for the team to save the day!

binan10doorI will do my best to not spoil this episode, but I apologize in advance because I can barely contain my excitement. This episode was full of big reveals, and here are 2 of them that will hopefully not give too much away. Big reveal 1: secret doors. Both the Battle Lovers and the Cearula Adamas discovered secret doors in their club rooms while cleaning up. We have two more episodes to see where they lead. Perhaps to the planet where Wombat/Zundar are from? Reveal 2: The Press Society is definitely aware of the identities of the Battle Lovers (if you recall, they stuck to our heroes like glue in episodes 5 and 9.)  Thanks to Yumoto’s illness and his bond with his brother, they were able to confirm their suspicions post-battle.

Then, there’s that creepy pet goldfish. I thought something was fishy about him (pun intended,) but now I believe that he’s from the same or similar planet as our two furry friends. All in all, I am super excited to see the remaining episodes.  I hope that you’ll join me again for my review of Episode 11!

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Raised in the Caribbean with a love for the arts and believes strongly that a smile, kind words, and a hug can go a long way. She currently resides in Lower Westchester and is a junior cosplayer focused on anime and video games.

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