Anime Review – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Episode 11

binan 11

Well fangirls and boys, the curry has hit the fan. I am unsure of where to begin with my review.  “The Trial Called Love” was nothing but big reveals. This episode was the right balance of story, visuals, and dialogue. The focus this week was the cultural festival, because let’s face it: no school life anime is complete without the cultural festival episode.  That’s when all the crazy shenanigans happens!

Our boys decide to “cosplay” as the Battle Lovers and sell Cosplay Curry to raise money for their club, plus they want to win the festival competition being hosted by the Press Society. As we we know from last episode, the Press Society is well aware of who the Battle Lovers and Cearula Adamas are.  Plus, they’ve got a pet alien goldfish, who operates like a semi-adorable Jabba the Hutt. While it seems Wombat is completely unaware of his existence on Earth, Zundar is both aware and seemingly to reports to said fish! They set a plan in action to find the most evil possible being to unleash on the school and our heroes.  The monster of the week binan11revealappears in the most unexpected manner, and with wombat being somehow unable to use his blurring technology (was it the curry?) the real identities of both sides are revealed, causing possibly the biggest battle since the show began, which will continue in the finale next week.

binan11tbcI have to say, if I wasn’t already happy to have continued watching this show, I would have been definitely thrilled now. From watching anime like Kill La Kill, Durarara!!, and even Fairy Tail, I am used to every episode being action packed in some way, whether it be comedy, action, gore, or romantic tension. Because of the basic premise of Cute High earth Defense Club Love!, I think i am finally able to  fathom why it was so mild, and I definitely appreciate the effort and thought that the writers put into this.

Side note: in a lot of the online promo images show students who were previously turned into monsters also become battle lovers, so I assume that this will occur in the finale.

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