Anime Review – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Episode 12

Previously on Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!, our Battle Lovers faced off against the Cearula Adamas Trio. As our boys continue their battle, Yumoto’s brother Gora somehow manages to ambush Hireashi the goldfish and forced him to reveal the truth of their purpose on earth: a universally-broadcast reality series about conquering Earth, and Wombat is actually a representative of their Galaxy’s FCC trying to cancel the show and stop world domination.

As it turns out, they has been on earth for many years trying to destroy the earth by plaguing on human flaws and creating villains, but had always been thwarted by one man; Gora and his mighty Axe, as he was a Binan Alum, and the first Battle lover. To gain an edge on the fight,  Zundar turns him evil with the his needles, and begins the battle for the ages between Gora and Yumoto until everyone joins in.

Yumoto, using his power of love, manages to reach out to Gora’s inner self and thus evolves to More Better Battle Lover Scarlet, with insane power and giant wings (I will not be attempting that cosplay anytime soon). He cleanses Gora and all is well, until Hireashi and Zundar appear with thier spaceship, which transforms into a humanoid mech. All the boys, including Cearula Adamas, gain More Better Love Making powers and they combine forces to defeat our alien troublemakers. There you have it, the final episode of Cute High Earth defense Club Love.

I was shaking my head in amusement this entire episode. it was at first unbelievably ridiculous and the second form names were very unimaginative, but putting the ridiculous aside, as predicted, the conflict between Kinshiro and Atsushi were resolved, and the former enemies became allies and friends, despite their differences.

When I started watching this show, I honestly didn’t know if the plot focus was on the boys’ love, fan service, or suspense. It actually focused on a little bit of everything, and thus made for a really great series, compared to a few other similar shows. There were so many great moments from the show that i had to create a gallery of my favorite moments, and I hope you shared a few of them with me. Until next time readers!



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