Anime Review – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Episode 9

It is always the adorable ones that are the most evil.

Hello to all who have been following my reviews of Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!  You have made it through the boy-love undertones, and for that, I’m proud of you! In this episode, things are starting to take a turn.  Zundar the evil hedgehog, which is still quite funny since he is such an adorable shade of lime green, is ready to wreck some real havoc and obtain conquest. The monster this time is a Melon monster born of pride and ego, and it challenges our boys to riddles of a gourmet kind.  To find the answers, the boys must travel to Mt. Binan!

When someone asks you to cosplay for money, it doesn’t hurt to say yes ^_^

Faced with the problem of no money for travel (Io’s stock earnings are off limits,) the boys find themselves propositioned by the Press Society yet again. The offer this time?  Cosplay glamour shots in exchange for money. More fan service for you lovely ladies out there! This earns them enough to head to Mt. Binana and face a few traps before they get to the Melon monster and solve the riddles. Of course, ultimately the boys defeat the monster through the power of love. They’ve foiled Zundar’s plans once again, but for some reason, Zundar’s not upset by this.  Plus, there’s a sudden new development involving the Press Society.

Surprise photo-shoot in the bathhouse!

This episode was calm. Too calm. As I watched, I actually was a little bored and frankly annoyed, though this faded once the press guys appeared again. To start, the monster was too chatty, the jokes were a bit dry, and the most exciting part at first was seeing En actually make an expression outside of his usual ennui face. On the other hand, when I consider Zundar’s persistence to succeed in the beginning of the episode, and his complacent air about this new defeat leaves me worried. Has he set up a contingency plan of some sort? This hedgehog isn’t looking so cute anymore. Also, there is something weird about the Press Society. They seem to conveniently pop up at the weirdest times. They’re definitely a lot more than they appear to be. Let’s see what happens from this point on, shall we? Until next time!

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