Anime Review – Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! Episodes 07 & 08

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
No caption needed. Yumoto always seizes youth!

With episode 7, “Love, Training Camps and Toothbrushes” comes the beach episode, an important turning point for every school anime, and usually one rife with sexual tension. The Cute High Earth Defense Club Love! creators certainly didn’t disappoint with this one.

*Spoiler Warning*

Our boys find themselves at a men-only beach, the accidental use of Io’s toothbrush reveals possible questions of each hero’s love preferences, and with the members of the student council nearby, of course they cross paths, leading to more tension. Their teacher Mr. Tawarayama also wakes up, only to be knocked out again. Sorry for that spoiler, but I am sure you were wondering if that would ever happen. I expect it should happen again…hopefully? This episode was interesting for me because of all our boys (student council included), Yumoto is the only one that is more or less oblivious to boys love. All he cares about is cuddling Wombat. I guess that is his romance? Ah the joys of youth!

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
The power of brotherly love facing the perils of isolation.

In episode 8, titled “Love Wanders”, the bonds of friendship of our heroes is tested when the Cearula Adamas strikes with a monster born of isolation, a kotatsu no less. The first victims: En and Atsushi. They begin fighting over the smallest things (like Atsushi’s weight loss), and eventually stop talking until the end of the episode, when our heroes reunite to defeat the Kotatsu monster. For me, there is an unforgivable plot hole this episode. In episode 6, when Io was tested, he was in his right mind so the change of heart was expected, but En suddenly partially breaking the spell enough to realize that the fighting was all because of the monster? I guess the implication is that the power of their bond as Battle lovers can surpass all obstacles. I personally just like a bit more suspense in my shojo anime, and at episode 8, this level is unusual and honestly a tiny bit boring. Oh who am I kidding, quite boring.

Cute High Earth Defense Club Love!
I’ll just be in my Kotatsu now. *num num*

Overall, I can’t ignore the fact that the show is simply fan service for us ladies (since the guys have Rozen Maiden and Heaven’s Lost Property), but I am a bookworm at heart and I live for a great story. And as shipping is a trend in all fandoms, I have already started building my favorites since episode 3. I favor the best friend pairs in Battle Lovers of course.  At this point, it is anyone’s guess where the story will hit its peak, or even when. I am slightly disappointed, but I have already come this far, so let’s continue shall we? See you next time!

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