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Outwit your opponents to claim the biggest fish for the feast


The ocean waves crash into the shore on a bright summer day. As the villagers start their morning, a cry goes out. The tide has changed and filled the lagoon to bursting with fish of all shapes and sizes! The Miauians quickly hurry to grab their preferred fishing equipment: everything from fishing rods and nets to a snorkel and spear. Racing down to the water, cats of all ages dive in to chase after the best fish. The annual fishing festival has begun!

Miaui Box Front
Miaui Box Front

Travel to the tropical island filled with cats in Miaui! Cute illustrations and light, fun gameplay make this card game a perfect addition for family game night. Pre-order your copy of Miaui today from our webstore or your local retailer.

Prepare for the Feast

On the island of Miaui (MEOW-ee), the villagers count down the days until the tide changes, bringing in a wealth of fish to the nearby lagoon. Once the first surge of fish is spotted, the whole village comes together for the fishing festival. The most skilled Miauian divers try to bring back the most valuable fish from the lagoon for the evening feast. All kinds of fish are served at the feast but beware the gooey jellyfish and the thieving seagulls.

Miauians of all shapes, sizes, and age compete for glory at the fishing festival. Players will select their diver from a quirky cast of characters illustrated by Paul Mafayon. Will the kitten win their very first fishing competition or will the grandpa cat take the victory? May the best diver win!

Each cat is prepared wade into the shallows or dive to the deepest depths. Miaui is played over 12 rounds. With each set of diver cards numbered 1 to 12, players will have to think carefully and play their cards strategically to outwit their opponents and catch the best fish for the evening feast.

Dive Into the Lagoon

Miaui card fan
Miaui card fan

Players will dive into the lagoon 12 times. Each time a new wave brings in new fish for players to catch. Once the lagoon’s three spots are filled, each player chooses one diver card from their hand and places it facedown in front of them. The numbers on the cards show how deep a player is diving this round. A 1 is a very shallow dive but a 12 is the deepest dive you can do.

When everyone has chosen a card, all players flip their cards faceup to reveal how deep they have chosen to dive into the lagoon. The diver with the highest number wins the deepest catch and takes the card from the bottom space of the lagoon. The diver with the second highest number takes the card from the middle space. Then finally the diver with the lowest number wins the shallow catch and takes the card from the top space.

The lagoon waters are quite plentiful with Kittenfish, Tigerfish, and Emperor Tuna, but other things lurk in the water. Be on the lookout for the Lantern-of-the-Sea, the sticky Jellyfish, and the thieving seagull swooping in to steal your tasty fish. Play your cards carefully to outwit your opponents and dive to the depth you want to snatch the best fish.

Grab your net and get ready for the feast! Miaui will be $24.99 and release in early 2019. Pre-order your copy today!

About Z-Man Games

Z-Man Games
Z-Man Games

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