Ant-Man and the Wasp Unveils First Official Trailer

First Trailer Crawls Online, Teases More Shrinking Action

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Marvel Studios has given us our first trailer for the forthcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp. The trailer was announced at Monday night’s Black Panther world premiere. The hype for the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer is dissipating since dropping last month. Marvel picked the Black Panther premiere to tell us about the next adventures of our small, ant-sized friend. Scott Lang has become a fugitive following the events of Captain America: Civil War. It’s up to him, his new sidekick, and mentor Hank Pym to go on the run now from the FBI.

Ant-Man and the Wasp“I have just one question: when Cap needed help, if I had asked you, would you have come?” Scott asks Hope Van Dyne, played by Lost alum Evangeline Lily, who was noticeably absent from Civil War. She says, “If you had, you wouldn’t have been caught.” Ant-Man was also noticeably absent from last month’s Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

This exchange catapults us into a montage of shrinking action, growing spectacles, and a team on the run. We see Michael Douglas shrinking an entire building and rolling it around like a piece of luggage. Evangeline Lily suits up as the Wasp, taking on her late mother’s mantle, and shrinks to glide up the side of a knife’s blade. With wings and blasters, to Scott’s dismay. Oh, and Scott Lang launches a huge Hello Kitty Pez dispenser at a motorcyclist. Laurence Fishburne even makes a brief cameo in this trailer!

Band on the Run after Civil War

Not much is known about the plot of  Ant-Man and the Wasp at this point, but the villain looks like Reaper from Overwatch. What makes the original Ant-Man work is the quirky humor and the likable charm of Paul Rudd. In the fall of 2014, Marvel Studios started experimenting with Guardians of the Galaxy. Their thinking was that we’ve seen the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America do big-screen adventures. Why not bring on some of the lesser-known heroes for their own movies?

The Thor trilogy has proven audiences are accepting of a Norse god who wields a hammer and harnesses the power of lightning. There is no reason a movie about a man who shrinks and grows to become Ant-Man and Giant-Man is not going to work. Furthermore, the Guardians of the Galaxy knocked it out of the park and no one expected that film to be as good as it is.

Overall, we’re going to need a chance to cool down after Avengers: Infinity War finally drops a bombshell on our parade of Marvel heroes in May. We don’t know what roles Ant-Man and his team will play in the upcoming Avengers film. However, we now know he will be dealing with the aftermath of Civil War. It will be nice to have a chance to sit back and relax with a lighter brand of humor. Just a few weeks after the dark war the Avengers are about to engage in with Thanos, I’ll look forward to catching up with Lang and his friends. Hopefully Oscar Peña has a big role here too. His character is easily the best part of Ant-Man.

This film, directed by Peyton Reed, crawls into theaters on July 6, 2018.

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