Anthony Daniels Wants C-3PO in The Mandalorian

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Is The Mandalorian Overdue for a C-3PO Appearance?

What constitutes a constant in the Star Wars universe? Lightsabers? Sith? Jedi? Droids? Yes, yes, and certainly yes. More to the point, Anthony Daniels and Syfy Wire would like to suggest one very famous droid, C-3PO, make his appearance in the latest Star Wars hotness: The Mandalorian.

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Anthony Daniels/C-3PO

“I am waiting for the call,” Daniels says. “So far my phone has been silent. Dave Filoni, are you listening? To be fair, Threepio has to be in the right time zone, he’s too big a character to leave in the back somewhere… and The Mandalorian is superb. The production values are just amazing.”

He goes on to praise Filoni’s efforts on Disney+, recognizing how much the new series has done for the franchise. In a turbulent time when old fans and new fans might come to blows over decisions made in the Sequel Trilogy, The Mandalorian tries to smooth things over and often succeeds in the best possible way.

Daniels is not at all shy to drop a few more hints that Dave Filoni should give him a ring. In the past, many have said the actor largely, or at least partly, resents his role as C-3PO, seeing as he’s been typecast as the often-fretful protocol droid. In SyFy Wire’s interview, however, Daniels, a former stage actor, speaks glowingly of the franchise. Not to mention the new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special in particular. He even gently likens it to such works as A Christmas Carol and Scrooge.

“It also allows you to make fun of the whole serious side of Star Wars. With the LEGO Special, they’ve been able to throw the rules up in the ash, and have in fact invented quite a clever vehicle… it almost makes me think of Scrooge.

A Life Day Gift

Premiering on November 17th, 2020, on Disney+, the new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special brings back numerous characters from the franchise, including C-3PO, and does so with a Christmas-y flair.

“You can go into the past and have a look and remember stuff. Because that’s what you do on celebration days, you kind of look back at stuff. Look back at the year, look back at your family’s history, and so on. And LEGO is doing this in a major way.”

Clearly, we’ve come a long way from 1978’s original televised Star Wars Holiday Special—a production George Lucas would like us to forget ever existed. Despite his best efforts, it persists to this day. And yes, it is every bit a terrible vaguely-yuletide “variety show” set in the Star Wars universe. Worth a watch, if only once. I have no doubt the folks at LEGO and Atomic Cartoons will lampoon one or more infamously absurd segments from the original special.

With Anthony Daniels happy to reprise his role whenever he can, perhaps we’ll also see him appear on The Mandalorian sometime soon. Filoni’s crew has snuck numerous Easter eggs into each episode of the show, referencing all manner of Star Wars lore; one would hope, however, that C-3PO receives a little more screen time than a mere cameo would afford.

Happy Life Day!

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