Anticipated Book Releases for January 2020

Anticipated Book Releases

Anticipated Book Releases for January 2020

A new year! And with it comes hundreds of hundreds of new books for us to look forward to. January alone has a massive number of anticipated book releases worth talking about, and I’m not even sure where to begin. Keeping the number at a reasonable amount is easier said than done.

On the bright side, that means that January is going to make for a lovely month for us readers. Albeit one that might result in us ignoring basically everything but said books…but that kind of works out nicely, don’t you think?

Without further ado, here are our top anticipated book releases for January, and the first anticipated book releases list of 2020!

A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer – Jan. 7th

January 2020 new book releasesA Heart So Fierce and Broken is the second novel in Brigid Kemmerer‘s Cursebreakers series, and once again we find ourselves transported back to Emberfall. The curse may be broken, but the story is far from over.

The Night Country by Melissa Albert – Jan. 7th

January 2020 anticipated readsMelissa Albert‘s The Hazel Wood series is about to release its second novel; The Night Country. Alice Proserpine is back to deal with this dark fantasy world, alongside Ellery Finch. Together they’re hoping to make a new life for themselves.

Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim – Jan. 7th

January 2020 anticipated readsScavenge the Stars is Tara Sim‘s latest novel, and it’s one that is getting some attention. This novel has been described as a gender-bent Count of Monte Cristo, which should probably be enough to turn a few heads. Amaya has only one desire in this world: to exact revenge against the person who ruined her life and took everything from her.

Come Tumbling Down by Seanan McGuire – Jan. 7th

January 2020 new releasesCome Tumbling Down is the fifth novel in Seanan McGuire‘s Wayward Children series, and it has been a highly anticipated read. It is time for Eleanor West’s “No Quests” rule to be broken, for if it isn’t, the Moors will surely pay the price.

Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin – Jan. 7th

January 2020 new book releasesNameless Queen is Rebecca McLaughlin‘s debut novel and has been compared to Furyborn, Everless, and Red Queen. In a world where magic has become a classist issue, the Nameless have always been trampled. That is, until Coin found herself on the throne.

Lady Hotspur by Tessa Gratton – Jan. 7th

January 2020 new book releasesLady Hotspur picks up the tale of Henry IV, but with several unique twists. This novel is the sequel to The Queens of Innis Lear by Tessa Gratton, though it’s also a standalone novel if needed. It’s a gender-bent tale of politics, wars, and revolutions.

A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris – Jan. 14th

January 2020 new book releasesA Longer Fall is the second novel in Charlaine HarrisGunnie Rose series. Lisbeth Rose is a gunnie and one with a talent for finding herself in situations well over her head. What started as a normal job heading towards Dixie is quickly blown out of proportion, once again.

Burn the Dark by S.A. Hunt – Jan. 14th

January 2020 new book releasesBurn the Dark is S.A. Hunt‘s latest novel, it’s a standalone novel full of horror and action. Described as a cross between Stranger Things and Supernatural, we’re thrown into the world of Robin, teenage witch hunter and popular YouTuber.

The Conference of the Birds by Ransom Riggs – Jan. 14th

January 2020 anticipated releasesThe Conference of the Birds is the fifth installment of Ransom RiggsMiss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series. Once again we’re shown a world full of peculiars, with Jacob at the helm. Fans have been looking forward to seeing what will be next in this journey.

Shatter the Earth by Karen Chance – Jan. 20th

January 2020 new book releasesCassandra Palmer’s story continues in Shatter the Earth, by Karen Chance. Our time-traveling heroine may not have complete control over her abilities yet, but she’s been working hard on learning. Unfortunately, with a war against the fae looming on the horizon, there’s only so much time left.

Frozen Secrets by Myles Christensen – Jan. 25th

January 2020 new book releasesFrozen Secrets is the start of Myles Christensen‘s Europa Academy series: a tale of space travel and exploration. Max Parker is an Earthling who has trouble following the rules, and yet, he can’t help but stick his nose into trouble when he sees it.

The Bard’s Blade by Brian D. Anderson – Jan. 28th

January 2020 new book releasesBrian D. Anderson‘s latest series, The Sorcerer’s Song, launches with The Bard’s Blade. Mariyah lives in Vylari, a world of magic sealed off from everyone else. But magic and destiny can be strange, and not everyone is meant for an isolated life.

Cast in Wisdom by Michelle Sagara – Jan. 28th

January 2020 new book releasesCast in Wisdom is the fifteenth novel in the Chronicles of Elantra series by Michele Sagara, and once again Kaylin Neya is finding herself the center of attention—and danger. The Shadows have always been a threat, which is why the sudden escape of one is cause for concern.

Prosper’s Demon by K.J. Parker – Jan. 28th

JAnuary 2020 anticipated readsProsper’s Demon is K.J. Parker‘s witty take on the concept of possession, demons, and morality. What do you get when you cross a morally ambiguous character with demon hunting? You get Prosper’s Demon—a tale of one hunter determined to track down his quarry, a demon he has come up against time and again.

Do you plan to read any of these? Which ones are you excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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