Anticipated Book Releases for March 2020

Anticipated Book Releases

Anticipated Book Releases for March 2020

Is it really almost March already? That’s hard to believe! On the bright side, there are plenty of Anticipated Book Releases for March 2020, so I’m not exactly going to complain about it. As always, the books listed tend to lean more towards science fiction and fantasy. They’re also by no means a complete listing—there’s just too many to count, let alone include in this list.

That fact seems truer than ever, as there are a ton of amazing looking books coming out in March. I honestly don’t know where I’m going to find the time to read all of these, but you better believe I’m going to do my best!

We hope you enjoy our list of Anticipated Book Releases for March as much as we’re hoping to!

The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte – March 3rd

March 2020 anticipated readsThe Vanishing Deep is the latest standalone novel from the mind of Astrid Scholte. Tempe has lost everyone she ever loved, but thanks to the technology of her water-filled world, she has a chance to bring one of them back…but only for 24 hours.

The Kingdom of Back by Marie Lu – March 3rd

Marie Lu is at is again, this time bringing us a musically-inclined fantasy novel of epic proportions, titled The Kingdom of Back. All Nannerl Mozart has ever wanted was to be a famous musician and composer. But thanks to the biases of the time, that could never be. That is, until a stranger appears with a most tempting offer.

Docile by K.M. Szpara – March 3rd

March 2020 anticipated readsDocile by K.M. Szpara is a thrilling (or rather, chilling) new novel that takes on capitalism, consent, science fiction, and representation all in one glorious swoop. Elisah Wilder has grown up in a world where being Docile means to be owned in every sense of the word.

Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare – March 3rd

Chain of Gold is the first novel in Cassandra Clare’s latest series, The Last Hours. This newest series focuses on the Shadowhunters of Edwardian London. James and Lucie Herondale grew up in the best of circumstances, but all of that is about to change.

House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas – March 3rd

March 2020 anticipated readsHouse of Earth and Blood is the first novel in Sarah J. Maas’ newest series, Crescent City. Bryce Quinlan is half-fae and half-human. Up until recently, her life had treated her well. But thanks to one demon, she is now on the path of revenge.

Among Others by Jo Walton – March 3rd

Among Others is the latest novel by Jo Walton, and it is already looking to be just an enchanting and human as her previous novels. This is the tale of one woman, and the refuge in magic and writing. Morwenna is the daughter of a half-mad mother, and as such, she has her own way of interacting with the world around her.

The Raven and the Dove by Kaitlyn Davis – March 9th

March 2020 anticipated readsThe Raven and the Dove is the first novel in a series of the same name by Kaitlyn Davis. Advertised as a retelling of Tristan and Isolde, this novel is going to be perfect for anybody looking for an epic fantasy with an avian twist.

Smoke Bitten by Patricia Briggs – March 10th

Smoke Bitten is the latest novel in Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson Series (#12). Once again Mercy has found herself in trouble, but who is surprised by that fact? A prisoner of Underhill has escaped, but good luck finding them, for their talent is to look like anything and anyone.

Queen of the Unwanted by Jenna Glass – March 17th

MArch 2020 anticipated readsQueen of the Unwanted is the second novel in The Women’s War by Jenna Glass. It’s a feminist fantasy series, one where the women have the magic – and thus the power. Alys may be the queen of the Women’s Well, but she’s still got a long way to go, and so much to deal with, before it is all said and done.

Hearts of Oak by Eddie Robson – March 17th

Hearts of Oak is a new fantasy novella from Eddie Robson. This is a world where buildings are growing, and things are getting stranger by the day. That might have something to do with the king’s advisor, who just so happens to be a cat.

Crush the King by Jennifer Estep – March 17th

Crush the King is the last novel in Jennifer Estep’s Crown of Shards Trilogy. Queen Everleigh Blair of Bellona is a gladiator queen who has earned her title. Now she’s set to survive another attempt on her life—and much more.

The Empress of Salt and Fortune by Nghi Vo – March 24th

The Empress of Salt and Fortune is the latest novella to come from Nghi Vo. This story is very much feminist high fantasy, while also being unafraid to show everything that is wrong with a monarchy—even when set in a fantastical world.

The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin – March 24th

The City We Became is the first novel in a new series by N.K. Jemisin. Great Cities #1 follows five New Yorkers, five souls. These are the souls of New York City. As you might imagine, they are just as complex and intricate as the city itself.

Night of the Dragon by Julie Kagawa – March 31st

Night of the Dragon is the third and final novel in Julie Kagawa’s Shadow of the Fox series. Yumeko, the charming and endearing kitsune, is still doing everything in her power to protect her world, which, in this case, also includes taking down an evil greater than she ever could have imagined.

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