Apex Legends Makes Some Players Nauseous


Apex Legends Is Giving Many Players Motion Sickness

Apex Legends, a first-person shooter game from Respawn Entertainment, is reportedly giving many players motion sickness from the head bobbing effect. 

The story first appeared on Reddit, where a user said they were giving the game up, it made them so ill. 

The Reddit Post

Apex Legends characters
Apex Legends – reportedly causing nausea and eye fatigue, and aggravating seizure disorders

The poster wrote: “Just wanna chime in as someone who also suffers from motion sickness in the game due to the head bobbing. Love the game aside from this, and want to play it right now, but I can’t. It’s not worth playing 2-4 games to then feel queasy and nauseated for hours afterwards… So unfortunately I’ll have to make the call to stop playing the game until there is an option to switch off head bobbing.”

They went on to say, “I want to post this for visibility, since there’s likely many more like me who suffer from motion sickness in the same way. This also ought to be a very quick fix to just throw in an option that disables this, as it wouldn’t affect gameplay in the slightest.”

The Reaction

The post received over 8,000 upvotes. Other posters added that they experienced more than usual eye fatigue after playing. Another said the game was also bad for players with epilepsy. All things that other games seem to have options to switch off and still make the game enjoyable. 

Respawn Entertainment has made no comment about the complaints yet, but hopefully will address them soon. Especially since it seems to be such a simple fix. 

If you are not worried about these issues, you can play Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Just be careful. And if you start feeling a bit woozy, turn it off.

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