Aquaman Costumes Unveiled At SDCC

Aquaman Costumes Unleashed

It’s San Diego Comic-Con, and that means movie news. Aquaman is the highly anticipated next installment of the DC movie franchise. With Entertainment Weekly giving our first views of the film, the buzz is rising. But people are wondering, will Jason Mamoa don the classic orange and green suit? If recent pictures out of SDCC are true, that answer is yes.

Clothes Fit For A King

Merchandise for the film at SDCC reveals Arthur will don a variation of Aquaman’s classic costume. The rockier texture and design seems to be more of a nod to the current Rebirth suit. This is in comparison to the more chainmail-like costume seen in the New 52 run from the comic. It is also substantially brighter and closer to the source material than the suit worn in Justice League.

Black Manta Rising

We cannot discuss our hero and ignore his villain. There is also a statue of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta at SDCC. It is also very close to the comics, as well as the design used on Young Justice. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Abdul-Mateen said, “That thing [the Black Manta suit] is just badass, man. We have our ideas about what the character’s going to be, and so I bring all of that stuff to it. But then you put that thing on, and you see yourself in the mirror, and all of a sudden, I’m 10 feet taller in that thing, and I feel like I could bust through a wall! I talked about wanting to run through walls, and just break s— in my meeting with Peter, when I auditioned for the job. And, I put on that suit, and everything’s just coming full circle.”

Ain’t No Seahorse

Aquaman famously rides a seahorse in various media versions of the character. However, they have changed it up. To make the King of the Seven Seas more badass, they have given him a massive sea dragon. Producer Peter Safran said, “The idea was to turn on its head the idea of Aquaman riding a seahorse, take something for which he was mocked and turn it into something terrifying and impressive. He’s a Xebellian creature but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Arthur on one at some point…”

Aquaman opens December 21st, 2018. 

Aquaman Costumes Unveiled At SDCC
Jason Momoa in comic accurate Aquaman costume
Aquaman Costumes Unveiled At SDCC
Black Manta design from Aquaman movie
Aquaman Costumes Unveiled At SDCC
Xebellian Sea Dragon – Source: Entertainment Weekly

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