Aquaman Directors Reveals the “Science” of Breathing Underwater


Aquaman Directors Gives us the lowdown on how to breath 


Aquaman Director James Wan

Just in case you were worried Aquaman the movie about a half human half Atlantean superhero who talks to fish wasn’t going to be somewhat scientifically accurate. Director James Wan is here to ease those worries about one of Aquaman’s powers! In an interview with Screen Rant, he delicately weaves a tale of barfing up sea water.

People would ask me, you know, ‘So when they talk, is it bubbles that come out of their mouth?’ And I’m like, ‘No because there’s no air in your lungs, so there wouldn’t be any bubbles.’ Right? So then in that sequence where you saw Mera open up this air pocket… when [Orm] lands in that, he’s breathing air. The first thing he does is, he’s in an air pocket, so he’d puke out all the water that’s in his lungs. So that’s the first step. We think about all these little details and stuff like that. And then when he’s screaming [when the water returns], we want bubbles coming out of his mouth because now there’s actually air in his lungs.

This is one of those things that you shake your head and wonder why it needs to be explained. Then you click on a review of Aquaman and some nerd is complaining about it (cue my Ogre voice). Look, I can say stuff like that because I am pretty sure I have complained about more ridiculous things. Ask me about werewolf transformations sometime and you can see me get animated about something that is not even real! So, I see why James Wan has gone to great lengths to try to explain this little bit. 

DC Movies

Who knows what is happening with the DCEU (if it is even called that anymore) but Aquaman hopes to continue the course correction we saw with Wonder Woman. If the first trailer is any indication it looks like Aquaman will be a fun action/comedy romp with apparently a lot of puking. Are you exciting to see Aquaman on December 14? What do you hope to see in the movie? How do you feel about Aquaman puking every time he comes out of the water? Let us know in the comments below! 


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