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Aquaman Gets Second Onging Series


Aquaman, butt of so many jokes, Justice League second stringer and all around second class citizen is getting a second ongoing series courtesy of DC. In the days before the New 52 (would that be the old 52?) Aquaman was barely considered a hero. He as never given the respect someone with his level of power and influence deserved, despite being the king of Atlantis and losing a hand in a fight with a super-villain. I should say almost never, his fellow league members respected him and generally cared for him, even if the everyday citizen did not. In the real world, he was an easy target for comedians and even got lampooned slightly as the subject of a fictional James Cameron film on the HBO series Entourage.

Entourage Costume for Aquaman
Entourage Costume for Aquaman

Then came the new 52. DC branched out in new directions and took old characters in new directions. Arguably the most successful among them was Aquaman. His solo title brought in new readers by the score. The first issue even referenced his much maligned reputation, lamp-shading the character’s history. The new Aquaman was a product of the creative talents of Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado who helped to cement the new vision of the character as an enjoyable read.

Aquaman and the Others #1 Cover
Aquaman and the Others #1 Cover

Enjoyable enough that DC has decided to tie the newly abdicated King of Atlantis into a new series.  Aquaman and the Others a new ongoing series written by Dan Jurgens with art by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo will feature Aquaman, along with Ya’wara, Sky, The Operative, and Prisoner-of-War. The goal of the team, who have worked together in the Aquaman solo book, is to protect Atlantean artifacts. Each of the other team members is a post new 52 creation, and linking them to former “joke” character is a nice way of showing how far the new universe is from its predecessor.

Word of the Nerd will have more information as it develops and will review Aquaman and the Others #1 when it arrives in stores.


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