Aquaman Hits A Billion Dollars At Box Office


Aquaman’s Mighty Haul Of Dubloons


Aquaman, as we know, has become a hit. The Jason Momoa led film ruled the box office for at least three weeks. Despite a mixed critical reception, it wasn’t enough to sink DC’s latest superhero spectacle. Not bad for a superhero who has been routinely mocked for decades. Now, the cast and crew of the film have something even more to celebrate. This weekend, Aquaman rocketed past the billion-dollar box office mark. At the time of this writing, Aquaman has even surpassed the haul for The Dark Knight, becoming the second most successful DC film after The Dark Knight Rises. It is also the eighth highest-grossing superhero film, after the three Avengers films, Black PantherIron Man 3Captain America: Civil War, and The Dark Knight Rises.

Aquaman’s Pile Of Riches

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry (Aquaman) image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Thanks to an early start in China, Aquaman has sailed to the top of the box office charts. It currently is one of the lower domestically successful DC films, at a total of $286 million. It should break $300 million over the MLK Jr holiday weekend, but it will still be below the likes of Wonder Woman and especially Batman v Superman. Only the critically maligned (and in this writer’s opinion, slandered) Justice League has a lower domestic total. However, it also had fewer screens to play on surprisingly, according to Forbes. It is thanks to international movie-goers that the Aquaman ship has risen on a mighty wave.

What Does This Mean For DC Films?

It seems that after the wilderness of the aftermath of Justice League, DC is back on the right track. Should this year’s Shazam and Joker do well, DC will be on a stronger financial footing. More importantly, it is showing that audiences are getting better either at tuning out critics or at least going to see the movie to judge for themselves.

While DC still remains the underdog compared to Marvel in terms of money and fandom, it is still successful. Even Justice League technically broke even. Aquaman‘s success opens up room for the inevitable sequel, as well as a chance for DC to turn things around.

Congratulations to Jason Momoa, James Wan, and the cast and crew of Aquaman for their success.

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