Archeologists Of Shadows

First things first, watch this video and then report back:-



The video you might just have watched with the funky art is a taster from the comic Archeologists of Shadows and I think it’s fair to say that it looks is quite interesting.


Actually that’s a massive injustice as the art in these comics is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. That’s thanks to a number of amazing techniques that artist Patricio Clarey has brought together to create this visually stunning book.  Add that to the writing of Lara Fuentes and they have produced a book that is more an experience than comic.


In the first book we are introduced to Baltimo and Alix, two passengers on a destination-less train. The pair suddenly find a destination thrust upon them as they meet a stranger who convinces the pair that it’s the will of the gods that they leave the train, so they do. From there we are plunged ever deeper in to a world that’s slowly but surely being completely mechanized. Everything that is living is being turned into machine. Baltimo and Alix are thrown right into the middle of the feud between the resistance, who are trying to find a cure for the mechanization, and the authorities, who believe that the mechanization is the will of the gods.

Here is how they describe it:

There’s a real depth to this science-fiction/fantasy/steampunk mash-up, with many underlying themes that are affecting our own society today. Lara Funentes engages the reader with intriguing characters who are trying to find their purpose in a world that they don’t understand. Patricio Clarey, the artist of AOS, weaves the story together with a very unique art style that combines drawing, sculpture, photography, photo manipulation, and digital painting to create art that has a 3D quality to it.


If you are a lover of comics that are nothing but action, then this might not be one for you. But, if you are a fan of a good, fast moving and massively wired but very original story then give this a look. This book is worth the money for the art alone.  Thankfully it also has a great story that gives a good and honest look at the different and dangerous ways people interpret religion and faith. My only gripe would be that it is easy to read the speech bubbles in the wrong order, but a huge amount of mainstream comics from all of the major companies are guilty of that, so we can’t hold that against them.

Click HERE to see where you can pick up a copy of Archeologists of Shadows #1: Resistance from Septagon Studios.


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