Archie Should Relaunch Its Kickstarter Campaign

Last week, Archie Comics launched a Kickstarter campaign, inviting fans to get in on the groundfloor with relaunching and reinvigorating their comics.  They had an awesomely talented team artists and writers, but now it’s canceled due to backlash!

When I first saw the Kickstarter video by Archie Comics, I was floored, but not in the negative sense. Here’s a company asking fans for help with fast tracking their new and improved titles, inviting them to “Build a new Riverdale.”  I was ecstatic.  You go, Archie!

The campaign was pulled after five days.   Word spread from fans and publishers about the ethics of a well-established company using Kickstarter for funding.  The main complaint seemed to be that Kickstarter is only meant for independent creatives, for individuals who need help to bring their dreams to fruition. In essence, the “Little Guy.” Well, compared to the titans at Marvel and DC, can’t we consider Archie a little guy?  This campaign was meant to invite and attract old and new fans alike to make something new and exciting out of classic material. I’m not a die hard fan of Archie, but I was going to help out and give them a try.   I mean, Adam Hughes on Betty and Veronica?  I’m in! Take my money!


Listen: I love Kickstarter. It’s a wonderful tool that bridges the gap between creator and fan, and allows communication and incentives for both parties.  It’s interaction with the fans and community, letting more people be a part of the creative process.  Archie just wanted to be part of the experience!


I always see Archie comics at my local grocery store and at comic stores. Over the last few years, I’ve seen an evolution to storytelling and art, especially with their newer books.  Have you read Afterlife with Archie or Sabrina?  Very dark, kinda creepy, and not at all what you’d expect.

With the advent of the new Archie #1 (Mark Waid, Fiona Staples,) coming out, I want to see the continuation of this universe.  Look at all these great titles! We’ve got Jughead, written and drawn by Chip Zdarsky.  Betty and Veronica written and drawn by the legendary Adam Hughes.  And Life with Kevin by writer/artist Dan Parent.

So Mr. Jon Goldwater, I hope you relaunch your Kickstarter.  I think we need to show everyone that the fans can help make a difference.  You guys should do a Kickstarter with Stephen King… think Archie meets a chilling tale of suspense, murder, and aliens!


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