Are Too Many Universes Killing the Arrowverse?

DC Comics currently has five television shows airing on the CW television network. Four of those shows are part of the Arrowverse. Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all take place within the same multiverse. As of right now, Black Lightning takes place in a separate universe. It is understandable that Black Lightning wants to establish itself before teaming up with other heroes. The problem is, it creates more confusion for the viewers.

Supergirl’s Universe Doesn’t Fit In

Supergirl wallpaperSupergirl is confirmed to take place on Earth-38 of the multiverse. The other three shows take place within Earth-1. Since Supergirl originally premiered on the CBS network, it made sense that the show would not be able to crossover with the others. After all, Supergirl was shooting in Los Angeles at the time while other shows filmed in Vancouver. Supergirl wanted to establish itself and prove that it could stand on its own before joining the Arrowverse. 

Supergirl quickly joined the Arrowverse though as Grant Gustin’s Flash crossed over to her Earth during Season 1 of Supergirl. After the first season, Supergirl moved to the CW network and started shooting in Vancouver along with the other shows. Soon enough, Supergirl became more involved with the annual crossovers happening with the Arrowverse shows. She has become so involved with the Arrowverse that the show might as well take place on the same Earth. The only thing that should really separate them is the city. Nothing has been done to bring Supergirl to Earth 1 which is a missed opportunity. It gets harder to find a reason to have Supergirl interact with the rest of the Arrowverse when she is on another Earth. Black Lightning will probably have a similar problem to that soon enough.

Establishing Black Lightning’s Universe

Black LightningBlack Lightning recently premiered on the CW to solid ratings. It is already building a high fan base and will likely stay on the air for a while. While it is good to have Black Lightning stand on its own before meeting other superheroes, in the long run, it will only be more confusing. The pilot episode states there are other superheroes in Black Lightning’s universe. It is unclear which superheroes exactly, but that doesn’t matter. If Black Lightning sets up its own Lightningverse, then fans will be confused on how this universe relates to the Arrowverse. 

Black Lightning should at least take place on the same earth as Supergirl. Both Batman and Superman exist on that Earth, so it is possible Black Lightning could exist there as well. Supergirl may have a different tone than Black Lightning but Arrow has a different tone from Flash. Earth is not always going to be happy and bright no matter where you go. In the comics, Metropolis is a bright and fun place, while Gotham is dark and scary. Those two cities exist in the same world. Black Lightning would not have to interact with Supergirl if they were on the same Earth. Arrow and Flash do not interact with each other as much, yet we know they are on the same Earth. If Black Lightning was on the same Earth as Supergirl, it could make bringing Black Lighting into the crossovers easier.


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