Arrow’s Seventh Season Gets SDCC Trailer

Green Arrow Revealed

The cast and crew of Arrow debuted the first trailer for the show’s seventh season at Comic-Con. The seventh season deals with Oliver’s decision to go public with his secret identity, which landed him in prison.

Who Is the Arrow?

In seven years, Arrow‘s accomplished a lot. Its first season set the precedent for comic book storytelling on television. The second season expanded its mythos and brought the Flash into the fold. After that, Arrow exploded. The show found an audience on Netflix, and it spawned four other shows with a fifth on the way. Heck, it even saved Supergirl. Now, the show’s seventh season looks to Oliver Queen’s future in Star City.

Season six ended with Oliver going public that he is the Arrow. This decision landed him in an ultra-secure prison. Until now, that’s all we’ve known about Oliver’s fate. But during the show’s Comic-Con 2018 panel, fans received a taste of what’s in store for their beloved characters. Check out the first trailer for Arrow season seven below!

Certainly, this opens up the Arrowverse in a refreshing way. It’s nice to see that even after seven seasons they’re finding new ways to approach the characters and new obstacles for them to overcome. Besides the update on the story, this season promises some of the series’ most brutal action sequences. Oliver’s fight in the shower looks outstanding. Also, the “new” vigilante isn’t messing around with Starling City’s crime. Overall, it looks like Arrow season seven is shaping up to be one of its most ambitious seasons ever.

What Does the Future Hold?

During an interview, Stephen Amell addressed the implications of Oliver’s new situation and the idea of him being “replaced.” He touched on an uncertain future for the show and how it’s made them more daring. “We’re not writing like we’re guaranteed something beyond this, because we’re not; nobody is,” said the actor.

Does this mean the end for everyone’s favorite hooded vigilante? Not likely. The show is popular as ever and is still launching new series each season. Besides, The CW is the network that’s kept Supernatural on the air for fourteen seasons. Even though this is likely not Arrow‘s last season, it provides a fresh coat of paint for a show that might have run its course in more conventional hands.

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